Photo Safari #3 - Results

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Thursday, Jun 2 2011 by

The race was a bit closer this week and there were a bit fewer posts than the previous contests. No one dominated the race and it was touch and go through the last day. Only seven posts separated first and third. Good job to all and congratulations to kkeps on a first place win.

Thanks to mlc1us for compiling the results!

kkeps – 22
adrbr – 18
WacoKidd110 – 15
milwhcky – 3
mlc1us – 2
skyeye – 1
giove – 1
daggerwell – 1

Grand Total – 63

Here are a few of my favorite entries:

Jackrabbit Monument (StreetView)
Jackrabbit Monument

Monument to Louis Cyr (StreetView)
Monument to Louis Cyr
George-Étienne Cartier Monument (StreetView)
George-Étienne Cartier Monument

Menhir de Champ-Dolent (StreetView)
Menhir de Champ-Dolent

Monument to the dead of World War II (StreetView)
Monument to the dead of World War II

Pancho Villa Monument (StreetView)
Pancho Villa Monument
Confererate Monument (StreetView)
Confererate Monument

Kirkland Lake Miners' Memorial (StreetView)
Kirkland Lake Miners' Memorial
'Joe Roughneck' memorial (StreetView)
'Joe Roughneck' memorial

Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument (Google Maps)
Twenty-Six Martyrs Museum and Monument