Photo Safari #66 - Results

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Thursday, Aug 23 2012 by

Cool posts, folks. There weren’t a lot of them but everyone was a winner this week. Mike1989 was the clear winner with 19 posts with daggerwell not too far behind with 12. Perennial top three placers adrbr and WacoKidd110 tied for a distant third.

The final standings are:

35 maps submitted.

Mike1989 – 19 points
daggerwell – 12 points
adrbr – 2 points
WacoKidd110 – 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Skull graffiti (StreetView)
Skull graffiti

Santa Muerte (StreetView)
Santa Muerte
Cráneo de Coxcatlán "Skull Coxcatlán" (StreetView)
Cráneo de Coxcatlán "Skull Coxcatlán"

Mexican skull sculpture (StreetView)
Mexican skull sculpture

Skull (StreetView)

Skeletons (StreetView)
Keep Out! (StreetView)
Keep Out!

Skull wearing a crown (StreetView)
Skull wearing a crown
Misfits skull logo (StreetView)
Misfits skull logo

Skull graffiti (StreetView)
Skull graffiti