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Greece, a small county on the southern tip of Europe, is a fascinating place full of history, beauty and lore. It is the birthplace of western philosophy, the origin of democracy, the creator of lasting mythology and lore. As we wind down our summer vacations, let’s take a look at some of the islands of the paradise in the Mediterranean.

Parthenon on Acropolis (StreetView)
Parthenon on Acropolis

Even more, it is a beautiful, charming country rich in culture, with amazing food and stunning landscapes from the most ancient temples to modern buildings, gorgeous mountains and vibrant beaches. Tourists who take time away from Athens and the historical sites there to visit some of Greece’s thousands of islands are rewarded with a trip to paradise complete with pristine beaches, stunning water, amazing weather and generous hosts.


Santorini has been voted as the “World’s Best Island” several times, and one look is all you need to know why. Because it was formed by volcanic activity, the island juts out of the ocean at a remarkable rate, and towns and villages are built high up on cliffs and mountainsides.

Santorini (Google Maps)

The whitewashed stone structures provide a stunning contrast to the green and brown countryside and blues of the ocean and sky.

Collapsed Caldera of Santorini (StreetView)
Collapsed Caldera of Santorini

The island is known as one of the most romantic getaways in Greece, and has become an international destination for weddings and honeymoons.

Santorini (StreetView)


This island is a great tourist destination, and is especially known for its nightlife and being LGBT friendly. Small villages rise almost right out of the ocean, with the whitewashed structures standing out against the blue ocean they border.

Harbor View of Naxos (StreetView)
Harbor View of Naxos

Beaches here are also remarkable, with SCUBA diving and snorkeling and boat tours available for sightseeing and fishing.

Lia Beach (StreetView)
Lia Beach

Because this place is more cosmopolitan than some other islands, it has become a popular destination for celebrities, including the Kardashian clan, who have stayed here for tapings of their television shows.

The Kardashians Mykonos rental villas (Google Maps)
The Kardashians Mykonos rental villas


If sandy beaches are how you vacation, Kos is the island for you. Remains from ancient Roman settlements and medieval structures are scattered on some beaches and throughout the island, creating a sense of historical significance for even the casual tourist.

Asklepieion (Google Maps)

Kos has both high end, catered luxury vacations and intimate, low key options available to satisfy a wide variety of tourists, and you can easily get lost on the remote beaches or on the winding alleys of the small villages. Kos is perfect for a summer getaway.

Fortress of Kos (Google Maps)
Fortress of Kos


Rhodes is one of the most important cities of Ancient Greece, and once had the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Built around 300 BC, the 100 foot statue stood watch over the harbor.

Site of The Colossus of Rhodes (Google Maps)
Site of The Colossus of Rhodes

It collapsed in an earthquake not long later and has never been rebuilt, but it is just one of many fascinating things about this island.

226 BCE Rhodes earthquake epicenter (Google Maps)
226 BCE Rhodes earthquake epicenter

There are many historical sites to see, including an ancient acropolis, standing out among the natural landscape and more recent constructions, including beautiful hotels, restaurants, springs and rocky mountainsides. The history and the present are always visible in Rhodes.

Acropolis of Rhodes (StreetView)
Acropolis of Rhodes
The Kalithea Springs (Google Maps)
The Kalithea Springs


Like other Grecian islands, Andros has the breathtaking vistas, whitewashed villages and stunning beaches. It is famous for the Sariza Springs, as well as great hiking in the rocky mountains and lush valleys.

Agios Petros Beach (StreetView)
Agios Petros Beach

There is even an above-water shipwreck that is visible from a remote beach on Andros. Andros has developed several museums and historical buildings for tourists to learn about and appreciate the island and Greece, their artistry and history.

Shipwreck of the Semiramis (Google Maps)
Shipwreck of the Semiramis

These are just five of the six thousand islands that make up Greece, but they should give any tourist planning a visit to the region a fabulous itinerary. On these islands you’ll be able to relax, enjoy fine dining, party the night away, relax in private, swim, snorkel and sail, learn about ancient history and modern art, all while working on your tan. Opa!