Scavenger Hunt: Good Progress!

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Friday, May 2 2008 by

The Long Overdue Scavenger Hunt still underway and there are still 5 days left. We have 14 competitors submitting over 160 maps already!

Some of my favorite submissions so far:

Beach Towels 3 for $10 (Birds Eye)
Beach Towels 3 for $10

Sail boats (Birds Eye)
Sail boats

Concert in Grant Park (Google Maps)
Concert in Grant Park

Bluebird Canyon Landslide (Birds Eye)
Bluebird Canyon Landslide

There’s still a bunch of time, with Trooper111, milwhcky and mlc1us wrestling for the lead.

Haven’t done a VGT scavenger hunt before? It’s simple and a whole heck of a lot of fun. To participate, you simply submit maps as normal, then select the category you are submitting to. Once a moderator approves your map, you automatically get points for that category!