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June 18, 1886 – George Mallory, English mountaineer (d. 1924)

Everest Base Camp Tibet (Google Maps)
Everest Base Camp Tibet

June 19, 1947 – Salman Rushdie, Indian author

Salman Rushdie's house (former) (Birds Eye)
Salman Rushdie's house (former)

June 20, 1949 – Lionel Brockman Richie, Jr., an American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and actor.

Lionel Richie (StreetView)
Lionel Richie

June 21, 1953 – Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani politician (d. 2007)

2007-12-27 Assassination site of Benazir Bhutto (Google Maps)
2007-12-27 Assassination site of Benazir Bhutto

June 22, 1805 – Giuseppe Mazzini, an Italian politician, journalist and activist for the unification of Italy.

Giuseppe Mazzini home (StreetView)
Giuseppe Mazzini home

June 23, 1975 – Michael Lamont James, an American professional basketball player who is currently a free agent.

Mike James' house (Google Maps)
Mike James' house

June 24, 1904 – Phil Harris was an American singer, songwriter, jazz musician, actor and comedian.

Phil Harris' Hollywood star (StreetView)
Phil Harris' Hollywood star