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Thursday, Apr 5 2007 by

As you may have noticed, VGT is now showing a blog prominently on the front page. With so much going on lately, we want to keep everyone up to date!

For users that are logged in, there are three new options in your Edit Profile section. You can set:
* The number of blog posts to show on the front page (0-10)
* The number of days of maps to show on the front page (0-10)
* Whether or not to show the right pane on the front page

Next, any blog posts or replies can embed a thumbnail right in the post, just as long as you know the map number (hint: it’s the number after /map/ in the URL, such as: For example:

Airplane - SR-71 (Google Maps)
Airplane - SR-71

Additionally, we have another potential home page: the Blog page. This page is the same as the index page, without any daily maps or the right pane (for anonymous users). So if you just want the latest news, go ahead bookmark that page.

We’re also looking for blog contributors! Got a hot hint? Want to contribute to the blog? Anyone can make a post.