We see you! Google Street View maps now accepted!

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Thursday, Jul 26 2007 by

Now accepting submissions…
VirtualGlobetrotting is now accepting submissions for Google Street View maps. You can submit a Street View map using the same process as any other map, so it’s real easy to share your cool findings. Let the fun begin!

Where can you find them?
There’s a link in the left navigation pane (SV) to show all Street View Maps, as well as a new Street View category and subcategories.

You can also spot a Street View map by the ‘GM-SV’ tag in the bottom-right corner of its thumbnail. Additionally, Live Local’s Birds Eye View maps now say ‘LL-BEV’ to make the clear distinction.

In a week or so we’re going to have another Scavenger Hunt, and this one will be for Street View maps!

Mother of all Scavenger Hunts
Speaking of which… the Mother of all Scavenger Hunts is a mere 12 hours from closing, and we have a tie for first place! mlc1us and mikeb9991 both have 89 points!

Who will pull ahead!?!?