Who is Having a Birthday in February?

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Tuesday, Feb 18 2020 by

February is a short month, so if you’re celebrating a birthday this month, you’re lucky. Celebrities celebrating their birth this month are especially lucky, as they can celebrate in style, luxury and however they want!

Let’s see who’s having a birthday this month.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad starts off each February with a birthday celebration. The February 1 birthday girl rose to fame on the hit “reality” television show Laguna Beach.

Lauren Conrad's Childhood Home (Birds Eye)
Lauren Conrad's Childhood Home

She turned that exposure into long-lasting success in the fashion industry. She’s estimated to be worth $25 million, and has used that money to buy several Los Angeles area homes over the years. However, if she’s going to celebrate her birthday in California, it will probably be in he r$8.5 million Laguna Beach home, surrounded by her husband and two young kids.

Lauren Conrad's House (Google Maps)
Lauren Conrad's House

Chris Rock

Chris Rock is turning 55 on February 7, and while he may be getting older, he’s not slowing down at all. With a recent deal with Netflix for several comedy specials, he’s increased his net worth to about $100 million.

He may be celebrating his birthday in his Alpine, New Jersey home, with friends and loved ones. He lived here with his wife, and has stayed in the home even after their divorce in 2016.

The mansion is worth keeping, if only for the neighbors, who include Lil Kim, Tracy Morgan and Russell Simmons.

Chris Rock's House (Birds Eye)
Chris Rock's House

Ashton Kutcher

Like Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher will be celebrating his birthday on February 7. The successful actor will be turning 42 this year.

He and his wife Mila Kunis bought an awesome house in Carpinteria, California, a few years ago for about $10 million. It would be the perfect place for the family of four to celebrate his birthday.

No matter where he is, Ashton will have an awesome celebration surrounded by people he loves, which is the best present anyone could ask for.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis' House (Google Maps)
Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis' House

Paris Hilton

The celebrity socialite Paris Hilton has had quite the ride in Hollywood. The hotel heiress rose to fame as an outspoken, silly socialite, but has rebranded herself as a DJ, model and influencer. When she turns 39 on February 17, she’ll have a great opportunity to look back on her winding career, and perhaps be pleased with how far she’s come.

If she wants, she could host and DJ an epic party in her Beverly Hills home, where she’s lived for several years. The 7,500 square foot house is worth $5 million, (a pittance compared to her overall $100 million net worth) and has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and even a doggie mansion. A perfect place to party!

Paris Hilton's House (Google Maps)
Paris Hilton's House

John Travolta

You know you’ve arrived when your house doesn’t include a two car garage, but two airplane hangers! John Travolta has certainly arrived.

He and his wife and family live in a special neighborhood designed as a ” residential airpark,” a place where residents can leave their house not by car but by airplane. Travota’s house has hangars for his airplanes literally in his driveway, which is unique even among wealthy celebrities.

When John turns 66 on February 18, maybe his birthday gifts will include a sixth airplane to store at his awesome Florida estate.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston's House (Google Maps)
John Travolta & Kelly Preston's House

Kate Mara

Kate Mara has had a big year. In May 2019, she and her husband Jamie Bell had a baby girl, and closed on a house in Los Angeles. They paid $2.57 million, a few hundred thousand over asking price, for the 2,400 square foot house. Nearly a year later, the happy family will be singing happy birthday to Kate on February 27, and if she or her husband have work in the area, they’ll likely be singing at their cozy Los Feliz home.

Happy Birthday Kate!

Kate Mara & Jamie Bell's House (Google Maps)
Kate Mara & Jamie Bell's House

Short month or not, February is not short on awesome people who get to celebrate their birthday this month. If you’re celebrating your birthday this month, happy birthday!