Who's Having a Birthday in July?

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Sunday, Jul 12 2020 by

It’s July and there’s a whole crop of Hollywood summer birthdays to celebrate. Let’s take a look at a few celebrities who are celebrating another trip around the sun this month.

Tom Cruise

While Tom Cruise starred in Born on the Fourth of July, he was actually born on July 3, 1962. He became famous in Risky Business, and earned his reputation as a critically acclaimed actor and box office gold with films such as A Few Good Men, Mission: Impossible movies, and so many more.

The actor has sold several properties in California, Colorado, and Great Britain, and is now spending much of his time in a Clearwater, Florida, condo. He owns the penthouse unit in a luxury condo building called Skyview, constructed by a fellow Scientologist. The building is close to a Scientology headquarters, which provides Cruise easy access anytime he wants. Rumor has it the penthouse actually has a flight simulator, because, why not?

While the actor will likely spend his birthday making up for lost time filming the next installment of the Mission: Impossible series in England, he knows that when filming wraps, he has an awesome home to come home to.

Tom Cruise's Penthouse (Rumored) (Google Maps)
Tom Cruise's Penthouse (Rumored)

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart will have a lot to look forward to celebrating his 41st birthday, since he has a new house in Calabasas, California, that is nothing less than a dream mansion. He bought the property back in 2015 for $1.35 million. And then he began building his dream home.

The nearly 10,000 square foot mansion includes a main house, pool, cabana, garage, and even an indoor/outdoor gym that he and his wife use to stay fit. Kevin is a true family man, and does not take spending time with them for granted, especially as his wife Eniko is expecting a baby later this year. What a great summer, indeed!

Kevin Hart House (Google Maps)
Kevin Hart House

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon will be rocking out to Happy Birthday on July 8, when he turns 62. Because he’s made a big effort to encourage social distancing during the Covid-19 virus, it’s a sure bet he’ll be celebrating his birthday with wife Kyra Sedgwick and son Travis at their lovely Los Feliz, California, home.

The house set them back $2.5 million in 2012, and has 2,800 square feet, with a chef’s kitchen, home gym, outdoor grill, and of course, a pool.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's house (Birds Eye)
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's house

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is Hollywood elite, one of the best-loved actors of all time. He turns 78 on July 13. While he’s celebrated in Hollywood, he actually spends most of his time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he’s lived as a local for decades.

He and his wife Calista Flockhart have settled into life on his 800 acre ranch, where he can really indulge his hobby of flying small aircraft, including a helicopter that has been used several times in high-stakes rescues in the sometimes-dangerous Rocky Mountains.

Harrison Ford's House (Google Maps)
Harrison Ford's House

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has it all, and as we all saw at the Super Bowl last February, at 50 she is living life to the fullest. She’s turning 51 on July 24, and it’s anyone’s guess where this larger than life singer, actress, and fashion icon will celebrate her birthday. She could be spending it with her fiance Alexander Rodriguez, at her Bel Air compound that she bought in 2016 for $28 million.

It has a 13,000 square foot main house with seven bedrooms, a pool, a swimming pond, a tiki-themed grilling area, all spread out over eight acres.

Jennifer Lopez's House (Google Maps)
Jennifer Lopez's House

They could celebrate in their new Malibu home that they bought from Jeremy Piven for $6.6 million. But since they are planning to remodel it, they won’t be celebrating there unless it’s over paint samples.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's House (Google Maps)
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's House

Between the two of them, the power couple could celebrate in one of many awesome homes, so for sure she’ll have a wonderful birthday!

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is America’s sweetheart, a blockbuster actor, starring in films such as The Blind Side and Gravity, and recently, Bird Box. While she’s so famous she feels like everyone’s friend or sister, in real life she’s very private. She lives far away from Hollywood or New York, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since adopting two children, she’s become very focused on her family, so it makes sense that she celebrates her┬áJuly 26 birthday with them.

Perhaps she’ll be at her $2.5 million Nola residence, which she bought in 2009. The Garden District home has five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a great atmosphere for her kids. Happy Birthday Sandra!

Sandra Bullock's House (StreetView)
Sandra Bullock's House

These are just a few celebrities who are having birthdays this month. More importantly, let’s wish everyone reading this who is celebrating a birthday this month a very happy birthday!