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Clyde Puffer 'Spartan'Irvine, GB2007-02-18 14:52:19kjfitz1.00 (1 votes)9650.0km
Clyde Puffer 'Spartan'Irvine, GB2010-03-12 21:48:38adrbrUnrated5230.0km
S.Y. Carola (1898)Irvine, GB2010-03-12 21:48:29adrbrUnrated5420.1km
Scottish Maritime MuseumIrvine, GB2007-02-18 14:48:00kjfitz (0 votes)5490.1km
M.V. Kyles (1872)Irvine, GB2010-03-12 22:27:29adrbrUnrated4900.4km
Air-Sea Rescue Ship (ASR-10)Irvine, GB2011-08-10 20:58:47kjfitzUnrated5350.4km
City of AdelaideIrvine, GB2006-06-05 13:58:53Hinkkanen (0 votes)7990.5km
Double ended Scotch boiler from PS WaverleyIrvine, GB2011-08-04 03:10:39adrbr10.00 (1 votes)6180.5km
"The Big Idea"Stevenston, GB2007-02-18 14:28:02kjfitz (0 votes)1,3790.7km
Nobel Industries explosives manufacturing siteStevenston, GB2007-02-18 14:26:00kjfitz (0 votes)8522.4km
Robert Burns muralStevenston, GB2010-05-07 19:47:20adrbrUnrated4283.7km
Auchans CastleDundonald, GB2006-04-10 15:56:08Hinkkanen10.00 (1 votes)6755.7km
Westland Whirlwind & other aircraft remainsDundonald, GB2006-04-11 11:19:41Hinkkanen (0 votes)6786.1km
Dundonald CastleDundonald, GB2006-03-11 10:32:01Hinkkanen (0 votes)7136.5km
Ailsa-Troon ShipyardTroon, GB2007-02-18 15:25:33kjfitz (0 votes)8856.8km
Large yacht at Troon MarinaTroon, GB2006-03-10 14:36:03Hinkkanen (0 votes)8606.9km
Laigh Milton ViaductGatehead, GB2016-09-05 19:15:22kkepsUnrated2247.4km
Troon War MemorialTroon, GB2012-08-17 02:05:32hhgygyUnrated3267.5km
Ardrossan Castle (ruins)Ardrossan, GB2011-09-02 15:55:25WacoKidd110Unrated4458.7km
Ardrossan CastleArdrossan, GB2010-09-14 18:01:19LancelotLinkUnrated4368.7km
Royal Troon Golf ClubTroon, GB2006-03-20 13:39:56scotchman (0 votes)7429.5km
Lady Isle LightLady Isle, GB2010-09-29 08:56:08hhgygyUnrated3479.6km