Fox Hollow Farm: Pics and Stories

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We purchased the property in May. The location is in Westfield Indiana. We are in the process of renovating the beautiful home and grounds. We also board horses for others on the 18.5 acres. The property was featured in the film "The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm" released in October 2011.



This house is currently (February 2009) on the market in Indianapolis. It is marketed as an incredible fixer-upper. Here's the description: "This is one of the amazing estate properties of the Westfield/Carmel area. Over 18 acres of wooded private rolling grounds with a pond. The house has over 9500sf of living space, an indoor pool, a wet bar and many unique features. There is also a 5 car detached garage w/2nd floor and outside deck, 2 horse stables, tack room and exercise ring. Home is in remodel stage and is sold as-is. Property can be sub-divided into 3 acre lots.".
The price is $1,100,000. (MLS: 2865695)


I live across from this house...I am not sure what iautopsyu is talking about...It is definitely Westfield, at 156th and US31. Wonder what they have against Westfield? Do they think the value of the house will go down because it is not snooty Carmel? No, value will go down because people will always think not all of the bones were removed from the property. Get a good, seasoned Blue-Tick hound in there, and you will probably find plenty of bones!


My grandpa lived here a while ago he was the one who sold it to herb know the one who killed all those men here ...he Also had to tie it back and fix it All up after heb killed himself I'm not lying either I have pictures of me swimming in the pool when I was little it's a very nice house from what I remember (: