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jbottero @ 2017-08-26 20:54:29
jbottero pictureUniversity of Michigan Test Track
Note on the left of the image what is left of an older test track of some type.
jbottero @ 2017-06-12 00:28:09
jbottero picture'Hill-Town Housing' by John Johansen
Wonder why they ripped it down...
jbottero @ 2017-06-10 01:46:44
jbottero pictureM/V Kalakala
The Kalakala has since been scrapped, no longer exists.
jbottero @ 2017-06-10 01:45:15
jbottero pictureBates Motel
Gone, now a used car lot. Owner said no one wanted to stay there.
jbottero @ 2017-06-10 01:42:46
jbottero pictureHelicopter Flies Over Tacoma Dome
Looks like a Life Flight copter...
jbottero @ 2017-06-10 01:37:53
jbottero pictureOriginal Fort Lewis Main Gate
Nope, it's the original main gate.
jbottero @ 2017-06-10 01:32:13
jbottero pictureManarola
Ah, the Amalfi Coast... If you ever get to Italy, it's a must. And I can tell you from experience that for me, the single most expensive part of my occasional three week trips to Italy is the air fare, you really can see and eat your way through Italy without breaking the bank. Stay at the hotels the locals stay at, eat at the restaurants the locals eat at, and avoid the tourist traps. It can be done!
jbottero @ 2017-05-26 21:38:39
jbottero picturePeet's Coffee Corporate Headquarters
@ Kjftz (WHERE ARE YOU, YOU'VE DISAPPEARED!) - Yes, I know that smell. In Corvallis, Oregon where I grew up there is a small roaster (small is relative, the plant takes up half a block, but it's certainly much smaller than Starbucks), and when they are roasting, the aroma wafts over the city...
jbottero @ 2017-04-10 14:23:58
jbottero pictureOak tree from "Shawshank Redemption"
jbottero @ 2017-02-27 11:19:16
jbottero pictureAlert Hangar
Funny that this is actually designated a Canadian Historic building. It's a hanger, looks like any other hanger.
jbottero @ 2017-02-10 11:48:33
jbottero pictureCircle Cinema
jbottero @ 2017-01-06 23:48:13
jbottero picture'The Hive' by Wolfgang Buttress
Wow! That's really amazing.
jbottero @ 2016-12-28 00:10:18
jbottero pictureBomberger's Distillery
Check out the barrel houses nest to the distillery...
jbottero @ 2016-12-27 12:27:32
jbottero pictureBiertan fortified church
jbottero @ 2016-12-27 12:24:27
jbottero pictureDeady and Villard Halls, University of Oregon
At one time Deady was the math lecture hall building, I took many classes there.
jbottero @ 2016-11-27 19:28:03
jbottero pictureCrop circle south of Berlin
jbottero @ 2016-11-24 09:30:28
jbottero pictureColorful Bulk Material Piles
Very nice!
jbottero @ 2016-11-17 13:16:59
jbottero pictureAlfons Schuhbeck talking with some restaurant guests
Very nice!
jbottero @ 2016-11-15 19:21:59
jbottero pictureBombing Target
I think it is more likly some other type of target such as perhaps satellite, because it is too close to buildings, not on a bombing range, and there are no bomb craters.
jbottero @ 2016-11-08 21:17:04
jbottero pictureSC man charged with keeping woman captive confesses to killing seven people
Doesn't that just look like a creepy serial killer house?
jbottero @ 2016-10-07 20:34:49
jbottero pictureParis Hilton’s Baby Blue Bentley ?
Nice series.
jbottero @ 2016-09-22 16:54:16
jbottero pictureRequest to Blur Imagery
It's pretty far from Taiwan, I would have imagined that the Philippines would claim it.
jbottero @ 2016-08-06 16:51:29
jbottero pictureProject Iceworm - Camp Century
DANG! I just saw a story about this and was going to submit it! Great find.
jbottero @ 2016-06-16 12:45:34
jbottero pictureCensored area
Moses Lake (KMWH) is used for testing developmental Air Force aircraft. The F-117 was very extensively tested here, usually at night, of course...
jbottero @ 2016-06-05 16:59:21
jbottero picture'Oberman Residence' by Pierre Koenig
It's a little disappointing they pout that roof on it, it really takes away from the original design.
jbottero @ 2016-06-05 16:57:11
jbottero pictureLiechtensteinische Post (tallest building in Liechtenstein)
That's tall!
jbottero @ 2016-06-01 15:44:22
jbottero pictureB-1 Bomber Shadow
Zoom in, not a shadow.
jbottero @ 2016-04-30 23:00:59
jbottero picture'131 Ponce de Leon Avenue' by I.M. Pei
Pretty "unassuming" for I.M. Pei. From the Wikipedia: "The building was demolished in February 2013, but the Atlanta Preservation Center stated that its understanding that a portion of the façade was to be "resurrected as a shell" and incorporated into the new complex"...

So, it's gone.
jbottero @ 2016-04-23 15:47:50
jbottero pictureBabcock Ranch
jbottero @ 2016-04-14 12:16:53
jbottero pictureEvergreen Point Floating Bridge
This bridge will soon be closed and removed as the new bridge (parallel to the original) was completed and is now open to traffic.
jbottero @ 2016-04-02 23:21:49
jbottero pictureNear Pond Cove, Newfoundland several kilometres west of L'Anse aux Meadows
And, welcome to Virtual Globetrotting!
jbottero @ 2016-04-02 23:21:05
jbottero pictureNear Pond Cove, Newfoundland several kilometres west of L'Anse aux Meadows
Nice. Do you have and references to settlments here?
jbottero @ 2016-03-27 20:13:54
jbottero pictureSheridan Reserve Center
There is a map stitching error on the left side of this map.
jbottero @ 2016-03-06 15:51:24
jbottero pictureThe Hadley family's house
Zoom in on the Google image and you will see murderer Tyler Hadley strolling out front.
jbottero @ 2016-03-06 15:44:23
jbottero pictureThe Hadley family's house
jbottero @ 2016-03-03 20:35:20
jbottero pictureAlaska Native Brotherhood Hall
jbottero @ 2016-02-15 16:46:10
jbottero pictureDeadly Flight 3407 Crash - 12 Feb, 2009
Note the garage sale in the Google map...
jbottero @ 2016-01-10 16:48:46
jbottero pictureIranian Drone Testing
Strictly speaking I didn't find it all by myself. A friend in the biz had mentioned this location, so I had the location but really no info. After a bit of Googling I found the web site that talked about all three sites in this series (drone, frigates, sub).
jbottero @ 2015-12-25 17:10:45
jbottero pictureFire at Bill Clinton's Birthplace - 25 Dec 2015
I'm sure the building isn't all crooked like that, strange camera thing.
jbottero @ 2015-12-25 15:02:40
jbottero pictureBill Clinton's Birthplace
jbottero @ 2015-12-07 21:09:43
jbottero pictureJoseph Paxton Bust
Hah! Blurred.
jbottero @ 2015-11-21 10:33:25
jbottero pictureThe Clown Motel
There's got to be a low-budget horror film in this motel someplace...
jbottero @ 2015-11-14 17:00:22
jbottero pictureTurntable and remains of another
There seems to be some kind of test track a block or so from this roundhouse. Wonder what kind?
jbottero @ 2015-11-11 15:26:22
jbottero pictureThe Seattle Gum Wall
jbottero @ 2015-10-25 16:52:40
jbottero pictureCarol Burnett's House
For some reason, well, cost of housing in LA in that particular neighborhod, I question "multi-ocupency", many places in that neighborhood that can be described as "single room bungalows" sell for $500,000 and up.
jbottero @ 2015-10-17 15:19:35
jbottero pictureSunrise Hospital
jbottero @ 2015-10-11 14:15:35
jbottero pictureFormer Braddan Halt
Outstanding, I'm a HUGE rail fan. Too bad rail in The United States sucks.
jbottero @ 2015-10-10 17:56:44
jbottero pictureFormer Gob-y-Deigan Halt
Can I assume that a "halt" is a train stop with a building of some sort?
jbottero @ 2015-10-03 17:21:29
jbottero pictureThe Gates of Hell
This would make an awesome addition to my mausoleum.
jbottero @ 2015-10-03 17:19:06
jbottero picture'The Sun' by Dale Chihuly
Dale Chihuly sketches things now and then but has not blown any glass in years. Many of his prints are created and signed by "assistants".

However, the Tacoma Museum of Glass is a great evening, there are always artists in the "hot shop" making art, and you can go in and watch.
jbottero @ 2015-09-27 16:25:44
jbottero pictureGiant Arachnids at Seattle Center
jbottero @ 2015-09-25 15:39:24
jbottero picture'Lovejoy Fountain Park' by Halprin and Associates
I grew up in Portland in the 1970's and played at this fountain several times a week. When I was older, I smoked a lot of weed here as well... A different time. For a while in the 70's and 80's you could smoke weed in the park and no one cared. Than came the "War On Drugs" and that deal was over...
jbottero @ 2015-09-24 21:54:15
jbottero pictureBassel al-Assad International Airport
Russian jets taking up residence.
jbottero @ 2015-09-22 13:15:13
jbottero pictureFiltered Solomon Island beach
The linked shortened Google Map link is the same as the Thumb link.
jbottero @ 2015-08-02 11:15:31
jbottero pictureMeridian Union Station
Better thumb and different Street View.
jbottero @ 2015-08-01 18:28:05
jbottero pictureMH 370 Wreckage Found
Excellent find.
jbottero @ 2015-08-01 18:26:45
jbottero pictureThe Madara Rider
jbottero @ 2015-08-01 15:17:08
jbottero pictureMassive Deadly Mud Slide - 22 March, 2014
Thanks, Anon, got it!
jbottero @ 2015-07-26 13:04:40
jbottero pictureAir view of downtown Los Angeles
Nice find.
jbottero @ 2015-07-26 13:00:08
jbottero pictureRand Paul's House
Looks like the last house in the neighborhood of that "vintage", all the others are more recent "McMansions".
jbottero @ 2015-07-25 19:07:38
jbottero pictureCamouflaged tenting on Fort Bliss
Nice find.
jbottero @ 2015-07-12 16:00:39
jbottero pictureFederal Social Readaptation Center No. 1
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel, escaped from this prison in July, 2015.
jbottero @ 2015-07-04 12:13:47
jbottero pictureFormer Chanute Air Force Base
Also, it now has two active runways.
jbottero @ 2015-07-04 12:12:11
jbottero pictureFormer Chanute Air Force Base
I did my fire fighting training here in 1985. Middle of winter, so cold I wondered how people even lived there.
jbottero @ 2015-06-17 21:38:43
jbottero pictureSite of Stardust fire (Feb 14, 1981)
Apparently, it is now a gas station. I assume the original building is no longer there...
jbottero @ 2015-06-13 17:47:00
jbottero pictureLaunch site of Iranian cruise missile
Perhaps a copy of one of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kh-55
jbottero @ 2015-06-04 07:37:03
jbottero pictureNorthern Exposure: Talkeetna, AK
Thus the show WAS filmed there, as well as other locations. You original comment says Roslyn was not a filming location, and that simply is not accurate. You're being pedantic.
jbottero @ 2015-06-04 06:44:15
jbottero pictureNorthern Exposure: Talkeetna, AK
So the exteriors along with some street scenes that are quite clearly buildings in that town were not actually filmed there? Got it!

In fact quite a bit of production did take place there.
jbottero @ 2015-05-25 21:29:22
jbottero pictureWinter lights
jbottero @ 2015-05-18 22:00:43
jbottero pictureBikuben Kollegiet Ørestad
Why does the Yahoo thumb show the Google image?
jbottero @ 2015-05-02 08:19:28
jbottero pictureJust a tiny bit of outside maintenance work...
jbottero @ 2015-04-07 19:03:54
jbottero pictureHindu Kush
Hindu Kush... Isn't that a brand of weed?
jbottero @ 2015-04-04 16:10:08
jbottero pictureInside the cockpit of a De Havilland DHC-4 (Caribou)
No, I don't think it is a Chinook. Too many windows.
jbottero @ 2015-04-04 16:05:36
jbottero pictureInside the cockpit of a De Havilland DHC-4 (Caribou)
It's the inside of a Chinook helicopter.
jbottero @ 2015-03-29 15:30:47
jbottero pictureTrain Derailment (2014-04-30)
jbottero @ 2015-03-27 18:07:02
jbottero pictureTeatro Degollado
jbottero @ 2015-03-21 12:33:02
jbottero pictureMagnum, P.I. Robin's Nest
jbottero @ 2015-03-16 19:01:51
jbottero pictureNaked Cowboy
Right behind him is the naked indian.
jbottero @ 2015-03-16 18:59:59
jbottero pictureEaster bunny peeps
I don't think they are strictly speaking "peeps" since they are not made of sugar.
jbottero @ 2015-03-15 11:25:27
jbottero pictureThe Bell in Hand Tavern, America's oldest tavern
The Jessop Tavern opened in 1724 and is still in business.
jbottero @ 2015-03-13 15:17:24
jbottero pictureEdith Macefield House
Failed to sell at auction, may be torn down.
jbottero @ 2015-03-06 18:58:13
jbottero pictureFake Iranian "Nimitz" Mock-Up
Google Maps no longer shows this image.
jbottero @ 2015-03-03 17:49:27
jbottero pictureFake Iranian "Nimitz" Mock-Up
When I put my mind to it....
jbottero @ 2015-03-02 07:33:07
jbottero pictureLargest Cashew Tree in the World
Yes, I see that. Interesting.
jbottero @ 2015-02-28 13:59:24
jbottero picturePeat guest hut
Ahhhh, the peat!
jbottero @ 2015-02-28 13:27:24
jbottero pictureLargest Cashew Tree in the World
The street view show multiple trees, so the green patch can't be a single tree.
jbottero @ 2015-02-28 13:25:46
jbottero pictureJRR Tolkien Themed Dutch Town
The street view shows modern houses.
jbottero @ 2015-02-21 10:43:28
jbottero pictureBates Motel Filming Location
Note the silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock on some plywood on the upper floor of the old house...
jbottero @ 2015-02-18 18:36:22
jbottero pictureVanilla Ice Arrested (18 FEB 2015)
jbottero @ 2015-02-18 18:26:47
jbottero pictureOld and new; Tower Bridge and The Shard
jbottero @ 2015-02-14 15:40:06
jbottero picturePointless Footbridge ?
If you look down the track, there is a large switching yard. Long fraight trains can often occupy a crossing for 5 minutes.
jbottero @ 2015-02-14 13:39:04
jbottero picturePointless Footbridge ?
It is to allow foot traffic while there are trains on the track.
jbottero @ 2015-02-08 20:19:57
jbottero pictureThe Erotic Museum
No longer in biz, "CLOSED".
jbottero @ 2015-02-07 11:43:46
jbottero picture'Knife Edge Two Piece' by Henry Moore
Several where cast, and are listed here at VG...
jbottero @ 2015-01-25 17:29:46
jbottero picture'Hope House' by John Lautner
For sale. Originally isted at $50 million in 2013 before the price was cut to $34 million, and now it's been reduced to a mere $25 million.
jbottero @ 2015-01-19 15:01:06
jbottero pictureSP Crater
The story is that a rancher and early landowner of the mountain, expressed his opinion that the mountain resembled a pot of excrement, thus we can guess what the "S" and "P" stand for.
jbottero @ 2015-01-17 11:03:58
jbottero pictureTerracotta circle by Mauro Staccioli
jbottero @ 2015-01-11 17:45:50
jbottero pictureMudslide knocks Washington home right off foundation
I drive through this town all the time on the way to Pacific Beach Hoquiam and Aberdeen (where grung rocker Curt Cobain was from) have been very very "depressed since the fishing industry and logging industry have nose-dived. Really sad, they are both "cute" towns.
jbottero @ 2014-12-24 11:47:20
jbottero pictureAircraft Carrier USS Ranger (CVA-61)
jbottero @ 2014-11-11 17:46:11
jbottero picture'Sea Lava Circles' by Richard Long
Ah, but I know... It explores the existential relationship between Man, and his mother the universe at the most basic perhistoric level. Or something.