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jbottero @ 2014-11-11 17:22:06
jbottero picture'Sea Lava Circles' by Richard Long
I'll tell you, I love modern art. I've looked at art that people's kids have done and had framed and said "who did that, it's GREAT!" But this I don't know about. It's a fairly small bull's eye made of stones my son could lift.
jbottero @ 2014-11-09 13:09:38
jbottero pictureDamaged Great Mosque of Aleppo
Reduced to rubble in 2013 by ISIS.
jbottero @ 2014-11-09 13:06:43
jbottero pictureRoman Theatre of Bosra
Heavily damaged by ISIS mortar shelling.
jbottero @ 2014-10-29 17:51:33
jbottero picture'SANDY: in Defined Space' by Richard Miller
I love the "18 or over" notice to see a sculpture that is on *public* display in a *public* park... Boobies! It's pornography!
jbottero @ 2014-10-25 14:19:00
jbottero pictureJulia Roberts wax figure
I always thought the "real" Julia Roberts was pretty much a wax figure anyway.
jbottero @ 2014-10-24 17:52:56
jbottero picture'Variable Wedge' by Sam Richardson
Isn't this just a row of "jersey" barriers? Ah, but of course art is in the eye of the beholder...
jbottero @ 2014-10-24 17:48:50
jbottero pictureMarysville-Pilchuck High School - (School shooting site 2014-10-24)
Terrible, terrible thing. I used to live very close to this school, I've lived in Washington for the last 25 years, spent a lot of time up in that "neck of the woods". Kids and their hormones need to stay away from guns.
jbottero @ 2014-10-23 19:41:48
jbottero pictureRasin El-Aboud Air Base
Nope, you are correct, KRL...
jbottero @ 2014-10-23 19:39:26
jbottero pictureRasin El-Aboud Air Base
One and the same, KRL.
jbottero @ 2014-10-17 09:26:03
jbottero pictureSchoonover Assault Landing Runway
With the thrust reversers, it's not a quiet jet on any runway... I see assult landings where I work every day, and it's still fun to watch.
jbottero @ 2014-10-12 22:36:47
jbottero pictureBoeing C-17 Globemaster III in flight
It's gone, but this jet is almost certainly lined up for the Assault Strip.
jbottero @ 2014-10-12 17:38:04
jbottero pictureParis Theatre
Perhaps the creepiest adult theater of all time.
jbottero @ 2014-10-12 16:21:17
jbottero pictureStepping Stone Cafe
A decent cafe, but really, over rated.
jbottero @ 2014-10-12 15:51:22
jbottero pictureWells Fargo Center (tallest building in Oregon)
Originally First Interstate Bank.
jbottero @ 2014-10-12 15:19:09
jbottero pictureBronze elephants
A gift to the city of Portland from Chinese businessman Huo Baozhu, whose China-based foundy manufactured the sculpture, these bronze elephants is actually about sixteen times larger than the original, a wine pitcher from the late Shang Dynasty. The young elephant standing on his father's back symbolizes safe and prosperous offspring. Titlaed "Da Tung & Xi'an Bao Bao", it is roughly translated as "Universal Peace & Baby Elephant". This sculpture is located in...
jbottero @ 2014-10-05 11:51:43
jbottero pictureCaiman found guarding marijuana stash (2013-01-09)
I would think that if the caiman wis in a tank, unless the weed was in the tank as well, the animal was hardly "guarding" the weed...
jbottero @ 2014-10-04 15:12:55
jbottero pictureRed Pyramid
First Southern Baptist Church. Big "mega church" building, but the roof is not as high as it looks from above.
jbottero @ 2014-10-03 16:15:05
jbottero picture"Let's follow Kim Jong-suk, heroine of an anti-Japan fighter!"
This description says nothing about what this is. A tomb? A memorial? Who knows...
jbottero @ 2014-10-03 16:01:11
jbottero pictureTomb of Suleyman Shah
ISIS will soon blow it up...
jbottero @ 2014-10-02 18:20:09
jbottero pictureWayne Manor Set
Folks will note a number of great houses on this same street.
jbottero @ 2014-09-28 10:34:21
jbottero pictureCar hits tree, tree falls on another driving car
Sure, I assumed that it was police corruption / insurence fraud reasons. I am suprised it's not more popular here in the United States where there is indeed police coruption and insurence fraud.

jbottero @ 2014-09-27 15:57:21
jbottero pictureCar hits tree, tree falls on another driving car
It's interesting how in most eastern European countries, most cars have dash-cams - Live Leak would be nothing without all the Russian dash cam video. Also see this VG map: http://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/fatality-on-the-highway/ and my personal photo.
jbottero @ 2014-09-27 15:51:27
jbottero pictureMarathon Motor Works
Nice. In the early days of cars there were many makers. Most bought chassis form other manufacturers and built the car over that.
jbottero @ 2014-09-27 15:48:57
jbottero pictureOld Tennessee State Prison
jbottero @ 2014-09-27 15:48:17
jbottero pictureOprah Winfrey's House
So it's not actually Oprah's house as the title implies? She does not live there, she bought it for her father? So why do you use the troll "Oprah Winfrey's House" when she does not live there and has no intention of living there? Is every property that Winfrey own "Oprah Winfrey's House"?
jbottero @ 2014-09-25 20:18:37
jbottero pictureExperimental Jet-powered Maglev Locomotive
None of these are here anymore.
jbottero @ 2014-09-13 20:44:15
jbottero pictureSoyuz 7K-TM
Thumb seems to point at some kind of rocket when you are not signed in.
jbottero @ 2014-09-01 10:47:58
jbottero pictureIncredible motorcycle accident
Well, when the Thumb changes, you can see Thumb History - what the old thumbs were...
jbottero @ 2014-09-01 09:54:21
jbottero pictureIncredible motorcycle accident
I saw a great video (on Live Leak) of a biker on one of these "crotch rockets" that got pissed off at a car driver, rode up beside the car, kicked the car door, and than lost it and skidded down the road.

In Russia (and Brazil), it's common for *most* cars to have dash cams (to prevent traffic accident fraud), so there is a lot of video out there.
jbottero @ 2014-09-01 08:43:17
jbottero pictureIncredible motorcycle accident
This is common in Brazil. Go to Live Leak, lots of stupid bikers out there.
jbottero @ 2014-08-31 21:52:06
jbottero pictureWee Town Outlaw Speedway
jbottero @ 2014-08-31 12:19:22
jbottero pictureNevada Test Site Apple II houses
Part of Operation Teapot.
jbottero @ 2014-08-31 11:18:46
jbottero pictureIncredible motorcycle accident
Nice. Google will probably remove it shortly.
jbottero @ 2014-08-30 20:35:57
jbottero picturePossible NASR-9000 Fuel Air bombs/bomb casings
The Daisy Cutter was developed to knock helocopter landing zones out of the jungle. The Egyptian may have other ideas for them.
jbottero @ 2014-08-30 20:34:16
jbottero picturePossible NASR-9000 Fuel Air bombs/bomb casings
It would have to be a smaller cargo plane. I believe they do have some c130s, but also some Soviet cargo planes... The US dropped the Daisy Cutters from a C130...
jbottero @ 2014-08-30 13:49:19
jbottero picturePossible NASR-9000 Fuel Air bombs/bomb casings
Since the Google images are newer than the Bing, and it's not in the Bing, it has to a fairly new facility. Note the array of strage tanks for mixing ingredients.
jbottero @ 2014-08-24 16:38:13
jbottero pictureTwo Teens die in fatal crash after police chase (07-29-1997)
Oh yeah, I remember this one. Ideots. But tragic none the less.
jbottero @ 2014-08-24 09:36:42
jbottero pictureShoreline Amphitheatre
On 22 August, 2014, a man was fatally shot at a Wiz Khalifa concert held here. I can't even sneak a bottle of water or a small camera past security at a concert, but apparently guns are pretty easy at a rap show... On 24 August, Suge Knight was shot in a nightclub in LA, as well.
jbottero @ 2014-08-17 20:19:27
jbottero pictureWow, man! The colors...
There is another thing I would like to point out about this image: From a technical standpoint, it shows a little about how the Street View camers are set up and how the "stitch" together the camera images to goive 360, up and down. In other words, in this Street View Error, all of the cameras are experienceing some connectivity issue, and you can see which camera is providing which image by how the error images intersect with eachother.
jbottero @ 2014-08-17 19:44:18
jbottero pictureWow, man! The colors...
Unfortunatly, I really wanted the Street View of a building at this location...
jbottero @ 2014-08-17 14:44:20
jbottero pictureAnnapurna Circuit in the Tal Valley
There's a bunch Google 365's more along this same route...
jbottero @ 2014-08-17 12:58:44
jbottero pictureBenjamin "Bugsy" Siegel's House
Actually, it was a rental that he rented for his girlfriend.
jbottero @ 2014-08-17 12:34:54
jbottero pictureRao's Restaurant
Mobster Louie “Lump Lump” Barone turned and shot wiseguy Albert Circelli at the bar on December 22, 2003.
jbottero @ 2014-08-17 11:07:07
jbottero pictureWah Mee Massacre
Building recently burned down, may be demolished soon.
jbottero @ 2014-08-16 21:03:07
jbottero pictureJames Corden's House
The big one on the left, or the little one on the right?
jbottero @ 2014-08-16 20:16:11
jbottero picturePennine Funeral Home
Isn't this a creepy looking funeral home? I mean, it would only be creepier if they had painted it black...
jbottero @ 2014-08-16 20:14:24
jbottero pictureInside the HMS Alliance (P417)
Awesome find.
jbottero @ 2014-08-16 13:11:11
jbottero pictureMilitary unit preparing to ship out
This part of Fort Lewis is called the Fort Lewis Logistics Center.
jbottero @ 2014-08-16 12:50:34
jbottero pictureCould be a plane... or an alien spacecraft emerging from a worm hole...
I'm going for the Worm Hole theory.
jbottero @ 2014-08-15 14:07:40
jbottero pictureAn airplane in flight
On approach to La Guardia
jbottero @ 2014-08-11 18:00:22
jbottero pictureMC-130 Hercules Taxing
Pope is the central location for Air Drop training exercises. As well, it seems many stationed there do not like the place, it has a nickname: "No Hope Pope".
jbottero @ 2014-08-11 17:59:07
jbottero pictureMC-130 Hercules Taxing
jbottero @ 2014-08-10 13:32:06
jbottero picture'Salkin House' by John Lautner
Err, the inside photos are via Google Images.
jbottero @ 2014-08-10 13:31:30
jbottero picture'Salkin House' by John Lautner
There are lots of inside photographs of this house. Built in 1948, it had one one owner until going on the market in 2013.
jbottero @ 2014-08-05 18:31:46
jbottero pictureWonder Who Lives Here
The thing about this street is is was "historically" private residences, but is now mostly swanky businesses.
jbottero @ 2014-08-04 18:37:24
jbottero pictureOld Wisteria in Ashikaga Flower Park
The whole park seems to be full of wisteria...
jbottero @ 2014-08-04 18:36:49
jbottero pictureOld Wisteria in Ashikaga Flower Park
jbottero @ 2014-08-04 17:28:38
jbottero pictureBurned Plane at Dobbins AFB
It's a fire fighting training mock-up. Lot's of thick steel, not a real jet.
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 20:04:25
jbottero pictureScientology Spaceship Landing Zone
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 19:17:16
jbottero pictureLost Greenhouse #2
Indeed there are a dozen or so such greenhouses to the Southeast.
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 19:16:51
jbottero pictureLost Greenhouse #1
Indeed there are a dozen or so such greenhouses to the Southeast.
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 19:12:29
jbottero pictureLost Greenhouse #2
The Wikipedia link leads to "cannabis cultivation", but these two greenhouse complexes are *WAY* to obvious from the air. More likely, they are growing fir tree starts for reforestation.
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 19:12:06
jbottero pictureLost Greenhouse #1
The Wikipedia link leads to "cannabis cultivation", but these two greenhouse complexes are *WAY* to obvious from the air. More likely, they are growing fir tree starts for reforestation.
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 17:40:23
jbottero pictureGooglemobile Isn't Edited Out Here
It is now...
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 16:09:18
jbottero pictureHidden Dreams Farm
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 15:54:41
jbottero pictureJimmy Hoffa's possible burial site
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 15:33:31
jbottero pictureThe Pope's Vatican apartment
The current Pope does not reside here.
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 15:02:06
jbottero pictureFrank Sinatra's Childhood Home
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 12:27:40
jbottero pictureGerman Air Force at Gowen Field ANGB
Switch off "45 degree" view to see this.
jbottero @ 2014-08-03 11:12:53
jbottero pictureRoma Ostiense (train station)
No longer used as a train station due to the refusal of Rome taxi drivers to pick up passengers there because this drove down business picking up many of these same passengers at the airport, which is a bigger "fare".
jbottero @ 2014-07-27 21:46:08
jbottero pictureRockingham Hotel
Not a hotel since 1978.
jbottero @ 2014-07-26 17:51:43
jbottero pictureThree Killed by Carjackers (2014-07-25)
I could tell you how I really feel about this, but the Moderators would delete it.
jbottero @ 2014-07-22 22:48:27
jbottero pictureCamp Disappointment
The Wikipedia article shows a different location.
jbottero @ 2014-07-22 20:15:10
jbottero pictureWrapped Rolls Royce Silver Shadow
Wonder what the story is...
jbottero @ 2014-07-20 20:15:46
jbottero picture'Oiseau Lunaire' by Joan Miro
Erotic and frightening...
jbottero @ 2014-07-20 17:37:56
jbottero pictureRichart's Ruins
More or less dismantled now.
jbottero @ 2014-07-20 15:32:20
jbottero pictureMan sets house on fire using lighter and spray paint to kill spider
This fire having been in White Center, I would have believed it to be more likely he was trying to fire up a crack pipe. White Center is known for that type of activity.
jbottero @ 2014-07-17 21:32:17
jbottero pictureCumming Street and Seaman Avenue
It is a real intersection with real street names. Perfectly legit. Nothing offensive.
jbottero @ 2014-07-13 16:43:00
jbottero pictureWhite River Paintball
Wow, I'm surprised this didn't get caught in the Paintball Safari.
jbottero @ 2014-07-08 20:23:40
jbottero picture'Ligne d'ardoise Bordeaux' by Richard Long
The roof?
jbottero @ 2014-07-05 19:25:36
jbottero pictureNuclear Lake
I saw this in Scouting NY, looked real close, looks like nothing left of the facility. Wonder what the water quality in this lake is? Go for a swim, perhaps?
jbottero @ 2014-07-05 19:11:53
jbottero pictureFormer 2002 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion after relocation
Might have been "relocated", but it's gone now....
jbottero @ 2014-07-05 15:26:13
jbottero pictureMV John B. Caddell Aground-Hurricane Sandy
Where is this image from? It's not Google Maps.
jbottero @ 2014-07-04 14:54:50
jbottero pictureBeebe Speedway
"Closed Until Further Notice"
jbottero @ 2014-07-03 12:28:50
jbottero pictureAbandoned New World Mall in Bangkok
Video of the fish here: /www.liveleak.com/view?i=651_1404126690
jbottero @ 2014-07-03 12:04:54
jbottero pictureAbandoned New World Mall in Bangkok
The most amazing part is the giant koi pond in the basement! Wow!
jbottero @ 2014-06-30 18:05:26
jbottero picturePoliceman Riding A Horse
jbottero @ 2014-06-28 19:45:32
jbottero pictureIntentionally altered house
It's the Dragonfly Fine Arts Gallery. If you want to see what it looks like, the paranoid (but obviously not Tech Savvy) owner has posted pictures on his own web site: http://mvdragonfly.com/
jbottero @ 2014-06-18 17:37:42
jbottero pictureKylie Minogue's House (Former)
jbottero @ 2014-05-04 08:35:57
jbottero pictureCrary Science Center
First link is 404, second link is just a link to the map itself - redundant.
jbottero @ 2014-05-03 17:21:05
jbottero pictureBuckner Building
This building was constructed to house military personnel.
jbottero @ 2014-04-29 17:51:30
jbottero pictureMilitary obstacle course
Vermont National Guard.
jbottero @ 2014-04-27 10:35:16
jbottero pictureAbandoned helicopters
jbottero @ 2014-04-19 18:22:27
jbottero pictureSea Odyssey (PortAventura)
This is not a "submarine", it's a "bathysphere"...

jbottero @ 2014-04-05 10:26:14
jbottero pictureTruck accident (historical imagery)
How do you find / access historical imagery?
jbottero @ 2014-03-29 20:08:12
jbottero pictureMurray Bros. Caddyshack
jbottero @ 2014-03-16 10:19:12
jbottero pictureBeckham's Castle (Beckingam Palace)
jbottero @ 2014-03-08 21:13:55
jbottero pictureJordan Belfort's House
t'd not surprising that a "whore" like Jordan Belfort would rent or use a swanky house for a photo shoot with the LA Times and the LA Weekly, but is all seiousness, he's living "down the street" in a place that only - "only" - rents for $4500 a month. Well, it is LA, so that must meat a studio appartment. I feel so bad trashing this guy, I'm such a bd person...
jbottero @ 2014-03-08 15:20:36
jbottero pictureJordan Belfort's House
Whitepages.com lists his address as 3436 The Strand Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-2054, which is here: ...
jbottero @ 2013-11-23 10:00:59
jbottero pictureDead diver
Creepy. But nice find!