1943 Historical Imagery Added to Google Earth

World War II era photos of major cities in Germany, Italy and France have been adeed to the historical imagery layers of Google Earth. I also noticed some 1950’s era data in Berlin.

Germany: Hamburg, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Freiburg, Koblenz Dortmund, Lübeck, Kiel, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt/Main, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bamberg, Regensburg, Göttingen, Kehl, Magdeburg, Dessau, Leipzig, Dresden and more of Berlin.

France: Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Lyon.

Italy: Torino, Florence, Naples, Bologna, Rome.

WWII German Aircraft (Google Maps)
WWII German Aircraft

WWII German U-Boat (Google Maps)
WWII German U-Boat

From Google Earth Blog.

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