Who’s Having a Birthday in October?

Fall is in full swing, and it’s perfect weather for a bonfire birthday party! Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who are having a birthday in October.

Brie Larson

Brie starts off the month with a bang, celebrating her birthday on October 1. The versatile actress got her start in comedies, but transitioned to independent and serious films in her early 20s. She has also starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest films as Captain Marvel, part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero movies. Brie has been busy in the real estate market this last year, selling her Hollywood Hills home in August and buying not one but two new homes in December 2019.

The actress and director, who turns 31 this month, put down $3.5 million for a 2,100 square foot home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in very desirable Malibu. The beach side home also has a swimming pool in the yard accessible by a stone path.

Brie Larson's House (Google Maps)
Brie Larson's House

Brie also dropped $1.6 million for a home in Hidden Hills. This home has 3,500 square feet, five bedrooms, a three car garage, high-end ebony floors, and a gorgeous kitchen. The relatively small lot, just under a quarter acre, has a pool, of course, as well as a spa, a deck with a fire pit, and a jacuzzi.

Brie certainly has a good sense of real estate, and both places would be perfect for celebrating her birthday with friends!

Brie Larson's House (Google Maps)
Brie Larson's House

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa has established her career as a down to earth, friendly and relatable host of her morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. She and her family have two main homes, one in New York City, and one nearby in the Hamptons.

She’ll be turning 50 on October 2, and it’s likely she’ll celebrate with her family at their Hamptons home, where they’ve been spending much of their time this year due to Covid-19. They’ve owned the 5,000 square foot home since 2004, when they paid $2.35 million. Since then, they’ve done a lot of work on the home, and it has become a great place to make some great memories.

Kelly Ripa's house (Google Maps)
Kelly Ripa's house

The close-knit family usually resides in a townhome in NYC, to be close to Kelly’s daily show. The five-floor Upper East Side home has nearly 8,000 square feet and set them back $27 million. It even has a balcony with cherry trees, basically unheard of in Manhattan!

Kelly Ripa's House (Google Maps)
Kelly Ripa's House

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is Hollywood royalty by birth, with famous parents and grandparents. Only after finishing high school was she allowed to test the waters of showbiz, and it’s proven to be a good choice for the actress. She’s starred in a number of high-grossing films, including the 50 Shades of Gray franchise.

In 2016, she bought a mid-century modern house for $3.55 million, and has since made it look like a home. It has floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a gorgeous top-of-the line kitchen, and three bedrooms spread out among 3,000 square feet. This would be the perfect place for the famously private star to spend a low-key birthday as she turns 31 on October 4.

Dakota Johnson's House (StreetView)
Dakota Johnson's House

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is a Hollywood mainstay, serving as a judge on various talent shows in the US and England. He’s also a producer, record executive, and businessman. He’s got homes across the world, but spends most of his time living in a lavish $24 million Malibu home.

Ironically, his recent effort to become more healthy led to him having a terrible accident on his e-bike in August, so he’s probably going to take a more relaxed approach to his birthday on October 7. This year, he’s turning 61, and maybe he’ll celebrate with his family at the six bedroom, seven bathroom mansion on 1.6 acres of beachfront property.

Simon Cowell's House (Birds Eye)
Simon Cowell's House

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is having a busy fall, with her dad, President Donald Trump, in full campaign mode ahead of next month’s elections. Hopefully the supercharged mom of three, special advisor to the president, and entrepreneur will find time to celebrate her 39th birthday on October 30.

Because she’s so busy, she may not spend her birthday at her Washington, DC home that she rents for $15,000 a month along with her husband Jared Kushner and their kids. The historical mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood has 7,000 square feet of living space, and was completely remodeled in 2014. It has an open floor plan, six bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, five fireplaces, and plenty of room for hosting political gatherings. Hopefully after the election, she can come back and have a belated birthday party with her loved ones.

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's House (StreetView)
Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner's House

These are a few of the celebrities celebrating October birthdays. If you’re celebrating another year on this planet, happy birthday to you, too!




Judge Amy Coney Barrett and the Supreme Court Nomination

On Saturday, September 26, 2020, President Donald Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s position on the Supreme Court. Ginsberg died on Friday, September 18.

President Trump is pushing to have the seat filled before the November presidential election, which would be a record-setting pace for a nomination. In spite of Barrett’s recent consideration by the Senate, her confirmation process is sure to be contentious and difficult.

Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but moved to Indiana to attend the University of Notre Dame School of Law. She served for a time as a clerk to Justice Antonin Scalia, took a short turn as a practicing attorney, and was a professor for about 17 years.

In 2017, she was appointed to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, serving in South Bend, Indiana. She lives there with her husband, Jesse, and their seven children.

Amy Coney Barrett's House (Google Maps)
Amy Coney Barrett's House

Lindsey Graham

Steering her nomination through the Senate Judiciary Committee will be Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina. He has served as the Chair of the Judiciary Committee since 2019. In 2016, he ran for president, but quickly dropped out when it became clear he had no path to the nomination.

He owns a town home in Washington, DC, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. In the past, he rented out part of the home, but has not done so recently.

Lindsey Graham's House (Google Maps)
Lindsey Graham's House

He also owns a 2,000 square foot in Seneca, South Carolina, which was valued around $215,000 in 2016.

Lindsey Graham's House (Google Maps)
Lindsey Graham's House

Mitch McConnell

Overseeing the entire process is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Republican senator from Kentucky is a keen politician, and if anyone can get Barrett approved in just a few weeks, McConnell can. Like many senators, he owns property both in Washington, DC and in his home state of Kentucky.

His DC townhouse is estimated to be worth around $2 million, and has about 3,000 square feet of living space.

Mitch McConnell's House (Google Maps)
Mitch McConnell's House

His Louisville home is estimated to be worth around $750,000, and has three bedrooms and two and a half baths spread out among 2,700 square feet. While owning two nice homes might be a stretch on a senator’s $175,000 salary, McConnell can afford this because his wife, Elaine Chao, has about $25 million inherited from her mother.

Mitch McConnell's House (Google Maps)
Mitch McConnell's House

Diane Feinstein

Heading up the opposition to Barrett will be Senator Diane Feinstein of California. She has been a senator since 1992, and is currently the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The 87 year old Democrat is one of the longest-serving senators, and will work very hard to oppose Barrett’s nomination. She did so during Barrett’s hearings in 2017 to the Appeals Court.

She and her husband Richard Blum live in one of the most famous and most desirable areas of San Francisco, right at the top of the Lyon Street Steps. They paid $16.5 million in 2006 for the gorgeous home with perfect views of the bay.

Diane Feinstein & Richard C. Blum's House (Google Maps)
Diane Feinstein & Richard C. Blum's House

Dirksen and Hart Senate Office Buildings

The hearings will be held in the Dirksen and Hart Senate Office Buildings. Much of the preparation will occur within the Judiciary Committee staff quarters in the Dirksen Building.

Dirksen Senate Office Building (Google Maps)
Dirksen Senate Office Building

Because the Judiciary Committee hearing rooms in the Dirksen Building is smaller, the hearings will be held in the Hart Building, right next to and connected to the Dirksen Building. It will be a big media spectacle, and there will be many people vying for a spot to witness the momentous hearings.

Hart Senate Office Building (Google Maps)
Hart Senate Office Building

Donald Trump

Overseeing the entire process will be President Donald Trump, who has a lot riding on the outcome of the nomination. He made the announcement of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination at the White House in the evening of Saturday, September 26, 2020.

Depending on how the process plays out, Trump may see a boost or a decided decline in support. This may impact how long he continues to live in the White House, just a few miles from the US Capitol Building.

The White House (StreetView)
The White House

US Supreme Court Building

Once the entire process is over, if Amy Coney Barrett is approved by the Senate, she will be sworn in in a public ceremony at the White House or Capitol. Then she will be sworn in during a private ceremony at the Supreme Court. Finally, she will be formally publically introduced at the Supreme Court as the newest associate justice.

US Supreme Court (StreetView)
US Supreme Court

No matter the outcome of this unprecedented process, it will be memorable and historic, and have lasting implications on the Supreme Court, the Senate, and politics in the United States.

The Masked Singer is Coming Back!

The new hit television show The Masked Singer has been renewed for a fourth season and will premier on September 23, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Since its debut in 2019, the entertainment show has consistently been the highest or nearly highest rated show of its kind.

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon has been the show’s presenter from the beginning, and brings a great deal of hosting talent to the dynamic show. Nick married music superstar Mariah Carey and had three kids with her before they divorced in 2016.

He rents a massive home in Saddle River, New Jersey, for about $11,000 a month. It’s a great home for him to co-parent his three kids and still be able to to host the show, produce Wild ‘N Out, and do his other entertainment ventures.

Nick Cannon's House (Birds Eye)
Nick Cannon's House

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke has been in show business his whole life because of his dad’s acting career, and famous in his own right since 2013 when his song Blurred Lines rocked to the top of the charts. He is a panelist on the Masked Singer, where he and the other panelists judge the performances and speculate about who is behind the mask.

He and his girlfriend bought a lovely home in Malibu  in 2014 for $2.4 million, but the home went up in flames in massive wildfires in 2018.

Robin Thicke's House (Birds Eye)
Robin Thicke's House

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger rose to fame as the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. She then won the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars, and began a career in reality and entertainment television. She has been a panelist on The Masked Singer since its inception.

Nicole has been a resident of Los Angeles for years, but bought a new home in 2016. The 4,600 square foot hillside home set her back $3.75 million, but with four bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as gorgeous views of the LA skyline, it’s certainly worth it.

Nicole Scherzinger's house (Google Maps)
Nicole Scherzinger's house


T-Pain joined the cast of the Masked Singer thinking he wouldn’t make it past the first round, but he went on to be the first season’s winner. After suffering a big career setback, his appearance on the show helped reboot his music career, and he’s a hit for a new generation of music lovers.

He lives with his wife and three kids in Roswell, in a gorgeous mansion surrounded by trees, but just minutes from downtown Atlanta.

T-Pain's House (Birds Eye)
T-Pain's House

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady came on the second season of the show, and he was in it to win it. He’s been in comedy, music and all sorts of show biz for decades, which may have contributed to his charming persona that helped him win the season. He’s owned a lot of real estate around Los Angeles, including this condo he bought in 2013 for about $1.75 million. It has three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and more than 2,000 square feet, enough to do a victory dance to celebrate his triumph.

Wayne Brady's House (Google Maps)
Wayne Brady's House

Kandi Burruss

Kandu Burruss had a career in music as part of the group Xscape before she gained wider fame as a star on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She had been asked to join the first season, but turned it town. She joined the third season’s cast of the Masked Singer as the Night Angel, and it was a good thing because she won!

She lives in Atlanta in a 7,000 square foot home with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Certainly there’s enough room in there to hold her trophy.

Kandi Burruss's House (Google Maps)
Kandi Burruss's House

The Masked Singer is just the type of no-stress, fun, and entertaining show we all crave right now, so it’s perfect timing that it’s coming back this month to Fox. We can all take a break, watch some great singing and wonder, who is it behind the mask?

Who’s Having a Birthday in September?

It’s September, and there’s a new round of birthdays to celebrate. Let’s look at some of the celebrities having birthdays this month!


It takes a special star power to be so famous you only need one name, and Zendaya is one of those few! The actress, model and singer is turning 24 on September 1, and she’s on track to accomplishing so much in the next few years.

She bought a new $4 million home earlier in 2020 in Los Angeles. The home was built in 1939, but has had extensive renovations, including an open kitchen with special granite countertops, two sinks, and two ovens! It has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms across the 5,000 square feet, and the most beautiful and relaxing pool. If 23 was great, 24 should be spectacular!

Zendaya's House (Google Maps)
Zendaya's House

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has had a wonderful Hollywood career. Over the last 30 years, she’s starred in dozens of films and shows, as well as been an advocate for women’s and maternal issues, among other causes.

She and her husband, French billionaire François-Henri Pinault and daughter Valentina reside in posh Bel Air in Los Angeles. However, they won’t be spending her 54th birthday there on September 2. They are demolishing their $13 million, nine bedroom home to rebuild with a 17,000 square foot mansion. That may seem excessive to some, but for a family with billions of dollars, it’s no big deal.

Salma Hayek's House (Google Maps)
Salma Hayek's House


Hollywood’s queen is turning 39 on September 4, and whatever she does to celebrate will be OTT for sure! The mom of three hasn’t missed a beat, even after having twins!

The family owns real estate across the United States, but in 2017, they settled down and bought a mansion in Bel Air. After extensive renovations, the home is fit for the king and queen of the music industry. They paid a reported $88 million for the estate, which is about 30,000 square feet, with eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, four pools, a 15 car garage, and safety features including bulletproof windows!

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's House (Google Maps)
Jay-Z and Beyoncé's House

Even though they have this massive LA home, they could just as easily spend her birthday in their other new purchase, a mansion in the East Hamptons. They bought the 12,000 square foot home for $25 million. It has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a complete guesthouse that might be fancier than most peoples’ homes.

Jay-Z and Beyonce's House (Birds Eye)
Jay-Z and Beyonce's House

Adam Sandler

It’s a good thing Adam Sandler didn’t listen to people tell him there’s no money in comedy, because the celebrity who is turning 54 on September 9 has a net worth of more than $420 million! With all that money, it’s no wonder he has a huge real estate portfolio.

His main home is in Brentwood, which he purchased in 2012 for $12 million. The 12,000 square foot house has seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, and of course a pool. He also owns the house next door, which has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, making his estate laugh out loud awesome.

Adam Sandler's House (Google Maps)
Adam Sandler's House

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith is turning 49 on September 18. She has been a mainstay in Hollywood since the 1990s, and is still going strong. She has an incredibly diverse career, from music to television to films, to production, to a hit Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk. She has been married to movie superstar and rapper Will Smith since 1997, and the two have two kids together.

In spite of a public rough patch earlier this year, the couple remains close, and may celebrate her birthday in their massive Calabasas mansion. It took seven years to build, at a cost of $42 million!

Will Smith's House (Google Maps)
Will Smith's House

Will Smith

There must be something about having a September birthday that brings people together, because just a week after his wife turns 49, Will is celebrating his 52nd birthday on September 25. If they don’t celebrate his birthday in their Calabasas compound, they might spend it in their Pennsylvania mansion, which is 8,000 square feet, on 3.35 acres. They’ve had it since 1998, shortly after they got married, so it must be an important place for their family.

Will Smith's House (Birds Eye)
Will Smith's House

Serena Williams

Serena has accomplished more in her 38 years than most of us will in a lifetime. She has been ranked number one eight times, holds more titles and records than almost any other tennis player, and even has several Olympic medals! But she’s also an entrepreneur, mom, and wife.

The family has an extensive real estate portfolio, and they have spent most of 2020 in their home in Palm Beach Garden, Florida. It’s likely she’ll spend her 39th birthday there with her adorable little girl and husband Alexis Ohanian. The 7,000 square foot home has as much outside as inside to keep a family happy, including a heated pool, tennis court (naturally), outdoor kitchen, and covered patio to enjoy the Florida weather.

Serena Williams' House (Bing Maps)
Serena Williams' House

These celebrities turning a year older in September can celebrate anywhere and do almost anything, but what really matters is that you’re around loved ones, have some amazing dessert to celebrate, and enjoy a little time to feel special on your birthday. Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating this month!

Where the Kardashians Sleep at Night

Possibly the world’s most famous family, the Kardashian-Jenner clan seem to love the limelight. Their attire, vacations, even the gritty details of the lives, are lived in the public eye. Their family has benefited from the publicity, which is nowhere more obvious than in their countless, massive homes all across the LA area.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West have several residences in LA, including a massive mansion described by Kanye as a cathedral. They renovated an existing $20 million property, and some say it’s now worth $60 million.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's House (Google Maps)
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's House

When the urban luxuries in LA don’t cut it, the family can jet off to their 9,000 acre ranch outside Cody, Wyoming. The $14 million property has two lakes, an event center, and surprisingly, a restaurant. They recently purchased another similarly sized ranch in Wyoming.

Kanye West's Ranch (Google Maps)
Kanye West's Ranch

Khloé Kardashian

Rumor has it that Khloé’s Calabasas home, which she’s owned since 2014, hit the market early this summer. Until she finds a buyer able to shell out $19 million for the mansion, she’ll still be able to enjoy one of the most amazing views in one of the areas most exclusive neighborhoods.

If she can sell it, she’ll turn a tidy profit on the home, which she purchased in 2014 for $7.2 million from Justin Bieber. She must have an absolutely epic destination in mind if she’s willing to walk away from this 1.5 acre paradise.

Khloe Kardashian's house (Google Maps)
Khloe Kardashian's house

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney bought a house less than a mile from her sister Khloé in Calabasas, in 2014. She got the house on clearance, down from $12 million to $7.5 million. It has 12,000 square feet, which is enough room for a gym, massage room, state-of-the-art kitchen, and elevator. This place is perfect for the mom of three when she’s not jetting about all over the world for family vacations, business deals, and television appearances.

Kourtney Kardashian's House (Google Maps)
Kourtney Kardashian's House

Kylie Jenner

After years of being in her sisters’ shadows, Kylie has risen to her own success, and has in fact blown past her family members, becoming the most financially successful of the clan, due to her makeup empire. The youngest of the six, she turns 23 this month. In spite of her age, she has multiple homes around LA, and in April 2020, closed on a massive mansion.

She bought the newly-built 20,000 foot home for $36.5 million, a steal compared to the original asking price of $55 million. She’s already settled into the new home, which has 14 bathrooms, and, of course, a pool. The area is so new, even the pictures haven’t been updated!

Kylie Jenner's House (Google Maps)
Kylie Jenner's House

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has made a career out of being beautiful, modeling since she was 14. She has rocketed to the top of the industry, ranking on “Best of” lists galore, and often being the, or among the, top paid models every year. She has also become a real estate maven, buying and selling houses across the LA area since she was a teenager.

In 2018, she bought a house from Charlie Sheen for $8.55 in the chic Mullholland Estates. It has 6,500 square feet, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool of course, a gorgeous fountain, tennis court and so much more.

Kendall Jenner's House (Google Maps)
Kendall Jenner's House

Rob Kardashian

Rob has kept a lower profile in recent years, especially since becoming a dad to his little girl Dream. He has had several homes in the LA area. Most recently, he sold his Calabasas home in 2017 for about $2.5 million and has been focused on gaining full custody of his daughter. It’s understood he’s staying at a sibling’s house, likely one owned by Kylie in Hidden Hills. The only problem is, she owns several homes in the area, so it’s hard to say exactly where Rob is these days!

Kris Jenner

Kris, the family matriarch, has several homes, condos, and vacation places around southern California. The home that has been featured on many of the Kardashian shows is in Hidden Hills, near Calabasas and the primary homes of her daughters. The home was fully renovated in 2015 by a renowned designer, and sports a breathtaking black and white entryway with matching spiral staircases.

The Kardashian-Jenner House (Google Maps)
The Kardashian-Jenner House

Caitlyn Jenner

Once the dad and stepdad of the family, Caitlyn Jenner has finally found the ability to live her life as she feels she was always meant to. She and Kris divorced in 2015, and Caitlyn found a great home in Malibu. The 3,500 square foot home suits Caitlyn, with a graceful and modern look, amazing pool, 11 acres for privacy and amazing views of the surrounding area. She paid $3.5 million in 2015, and has settled in nicely to her new home and new life.

Caitlyn Jenner's House (Birds Eye)
Caitlyn Jenner's House

It’s no wonder their hit show is called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” because it’s hard to follow where they’re living, what they’re up to, and what their plans for the future are at any given time!

Who’s Having a Birthday in August?

Having a summer birthday is great! You can celebrate with a big backyard bash, a pool party, or a day at the beach. Celebrities can celebrate with even more flair, and with their amazing houses, they have the perfect location for a once a year bash.

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen, Hollywood icon and father of Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, has lived in the same Malibu home with his wife since 1970, raising their children there as his career took off. His home was threatened by fire in 2018, but was fortunately just “covered in ash”.

America’s favorite TV president celebrated his 80th birthday on August 3, and he and his artist wife are likely as anything to spend it in their ranch style home, since they are so comfortable there after all these years.

Martin Sheen's House (Birds Eye)
Martin Sheen's House

Anna Kendrick

On August 9, amazing actress and singer Anna Kendrick celebrated her 35th birthday. The actress has starred alongside actors from George Clooney to Rebel Wilson, and has made great friends along the way. When she celebrates, she’ll have many people who will want to celebrate with her, and perhaps she’ll throw a fete at her chill two story LA home that she bought in 2012 for $1.02 million.

She has always appeared to be a cool, fun friend, and her friends will certainly want to sing and celebrate with her all night long. Happy Birthday Anna!

Anna Kendrick's House (Google Maps)
Anna Kendrick's House

Viola Davis

Viola Davis has been rated as one of the most influential people in the world, in addition to being part of a rare acting club, having won an Academy Award, Emmy and Tony. The awards have a wonderful place to call home in her $5.7 million home in Toluca Lake. The contemporary home has a pool, of course, and five bedrooms and eight bathrooms spread out among about 8,000 square feet.

This would be the perfect place to host a birthday party when she turned 55 on August 11. Even if she keeps it low-key, her trophies, awards and accolades can keep her company for sure!

Viola Davis's House (Google Maps)
Viola Davis's House

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence had a milestone birthday on August 15, when she turns 30 years old. The newlywed actress, one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, can do anything and go anywhere she wants to celebrate. Maybe, though, she’ll stay close to home this year.

Her $8 million, 5,500 square foot home in Beverly Hills is amazing enough to serve as a destination for a spectacular 30th birthday blowout. It is in a very exclusive area of LA, and the home itself has been owned by more than a half dozen celebrities including Jessica Simpson and Ellen DeGeneres.

Jennifer Lawrence's House (Birds Eye)
Jennifer Lawrence's House

Amy Adams

Amy Adams has been a reliably amazing actress since she first came to Hollywood, and has been as stable in her personal life as well. She and her husband and daughter have lived in the same Beverly Hills home since 2010, when they bought the 4,300 square foot home for $3.2 million.

The house is amazing, and includes a second floor master suite with a fireplace, two walk-in closets. This place would be a great place for the family to celebrate her 46th birthday on August 20!

Amy Adams' House (Birds Eye)
Amy Adams' House

Melissa McCarthy

Actress and comedienne Melissa McCarthy will turn 50 on August 26, and this milestone birthday should be a good one! Melissa has starred on television shows, in movies, and is a household celebrity.

She and her husband Ben Falcone bought a house in the tony Toluca Lake area of Los Angeles in 2012 for $3.5 million. They added a whopping 3,000 additional square feet, a new pool area, and even an elevator.

Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone's House (Birds Eye)
Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone's House

Although Toluca Lake would be a great place to celebrate her birthday, she may celebrate at the couple’s new home in the San Fernando Valley area they bought for $2.4 million. The four bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home must have been something they really wanted because they paid $200,000 over asking price in March 2020. Perhaps it’s a birthday present, but even if it’s not, it would be a great birthday location!

Melissa McCarthy's House (Google Maps)
Melissa McCarthy's House

These are just a few of the celebrity birthdays in August. Celebrity or not, everyone deserves a great birthday celebration; so if it’s your birthday, make sure to celebrate and enjoy the entire day! Happy Birthday!

Who’s Having a Birthday in July?

It’s July and there’s a whole crop of Hollywood summer birthdays to celebrate. Let’s take a look at a few celebrities who are celebrating another trip around the sun this month.

Tom Cruise

While Tom Cruise starred in Born on the Fourth of July, he was actually born on July 3, 1962. He became famous in Risky Business, and earned his reputation as a critically acclaimed actor and box office gold with films such as A Few Good Men, Mission: Impossible movies, and so many more.

The actor has sold several properties in California, Colorado, and Great Britain, and is now spending much of his time in a Clearwater, Florida, condo. He owns the penthouse unit in a luxury condo building called Skyview, constructed by a fellow Scientologist. The building is close to a Scientology headquarters, which provides Cruise easy access anytime he wants. Rumor has it the penthouse actually has a flight simulator, because, why not?

While the actor will likely spend his birthday making up for lost time filming the next installment of the Mission: Impossible series in England, he knows that when filming wraps, he has an awesome home to come home to.

Tom Cruise's Penthouse (Rumored) (Google Maps)
Tom Cruise's Penthouse (Rumored)

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart will have a lot to look forward to celebrating his 41st birthday, since he has a new house in Calabasas, California, that is nothing less than a dream mansion. He bought the property back in 2015 for $1.35 million. And then he began building his dream home.

The nearly 10,000 square foot mansion includes a main house, pool, cabana, garage, and even an indoor/outdoor gym that he and his wife use to stay fit. Kevin is a true family man, and does not take spending time with them for granted, especially as his wife Eniko is expecting a baby later this year. What a great summer, indeed!

Kevin Hart House (Google Maps)
Kevin Hart House

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon will be rocking out to Happy Birthday on July 8, when he turns 62. Because he’s made a big effort to encourage social distancing during the Covid-19 virus, it’s a sure bet he’ll be celebrating his birthday with wife Kyra Sedgwick and son Travis at their lovely Los Feliz, California, home.

The house set them back $2.5 million in 2012, and has 2,800 square feet, with a chef’s kitchen, home gym, outdoor grill, and of course, a pool.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's house (Birds Eye)
Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's house

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is Hollywood elite, one of the best-loved actors of all time. He turns 78 on July 13. While he’s celebrated in Hollywood, he actually spends most of his time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he’s lived as a local for decades.

He and his wife Calista Flockhart have settled into life on his 800 acre ranch, where he can really indulge his hobby of flying small aircraft, including a helicopter that has been used several times in high-stakes rescues in the sometimes-dangerous Rocky Mountains.

Harrison Ford's House (Google Maps)
Harrison Ford's House

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has it all, and as we all saw at the Super Bowl last February, at 50 she is living life to the fullest. She’s turning 51 on July 24, and it’s anyone’s guess where this larger than life singer, actress, and fashion icon will celebrate her birthday. She could be spending it with her fiance Alexander Rodriguez, at her Bel Air compound that she bought in 2016 for $28 million.

It has a 13,000 square foot main house with seven bedrooms, a pool, a swimming pond, a tiki-themed grilling area, all spread out over eight acres.

Jennifer Lopez's House (Google Maps)
Jennifer Lopez's House

They could celebrate in their new Malibu home that they bought from Jeremy Piven for $6.6 million. But since they are planning to remodel it, they won’t be celebrating there unless it’s over paint samples.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's House (Google Maps)
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's House

Between the two of them, the power couple could celebrate in one of many awesome homes, so for sure she’ll have a wonderful birthday!

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is America’s sweetheart, a blockbuster actor, starring in films such as The Blind Side and Gravity, and recently, Bird Box. While she’s so famous she feels like everyone’s friend or sister, in real life she’s very private. She lives far away from Hollywood or New York, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since adopting two children, she’s become very focused on her family, so it makes sense that she celebrates her July 26 birthday with them.

Perhaps she’ll be at her $2.5 million Nola residence, which she bought in 2009. The Garden District home has five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a great atmosphere for her kids. Happy Birthday Sandra!

Sandra Bullock's House (StreetView)
Sandra Bullock's House

These are just a few celebrities who are having birthdays this month. More importantly, let’s wish everyone reading this who is celebrating a birthday this month a very happy birthday!

Who’s Having a Birthday in June?

Summer is in full swing, and we’re starting to get out of our homes more, which makes celebrating birthdays even more exciting than ever. But some celebrities have such amazing houses, they want to celebrate their special day at home.

Let’s see who is having a birthday this month, and where they might be singing Happy Birthday!

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper has become a celebrity newsman working for CNN and CBS, and became a first time dad in April. On June 3, he is turning 53, and he’s likely to have his best year yet!

This independent minded anchorman actually bought an old fire station in 2010 and turned it into an amazing five story home in Greenwich Village, New York. He paid $4.3 million in 2010, and has renovated it to incorporate a turn of the century feel while including amazing modern decor and features. It’s a great place for Anderson to celebrate with loved ones even when he’s working hard on keeping Americans informed about important news every night.

Anderson Cooper's firehouse (StreetView)
Anderson Cooper's firehouse

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg started out as a rapper, but he’s become one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, both financially and critically, over the last twenty years. He’s even a part owner of his family burger chain. He’s turning 49 on June 5, and hopefully Mark takes a moment to celebrate his birthday with loved ones.

His Beverly Hills mansion is so epic, there’s no reason to celebrate anywhere else. The 30,000 square foot house sits on a 6.14 acre lot, has 11 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, wine cellar, movie theater, and library. There’s also a massive pool, basketball court, and even a putting green! There’s no need to travel when you have such a wonderful place right at home!

Mark Wahlberg's House (Bing Maps)
Mark Wahlberg's House

Kanye West

Rapper, designer and sometimes Christian preacher Kanye West is turning 43 on June 8. Wherever he is on his birthday, his celebration is sure to be epic because Kanye does everything to the max!

He and his wife Kim Kardashian West and their four kids live in a massive estate in LA that he describes as a “futuristic Belgian monastery”. The couple paid around $20 million for the estate after their first baby, and have remodeled, expanded and decorated it to fit Kanye’s unique style. It is now reportedly worth $60 million. If you owned a place like that, you’d certainly want to celebrate your birthday there!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's House (Google Maps)
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's House

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris has grown up in front of the camera, so we should all wish him an especially happy birthday on June 15. The television, movie and theater actor is turning 47.

He and his husband have two kids that they raise in their amazing brownstone in New York City. The townhouse set them back $4 million, but with 8,000 square feet in the city, that’s a great deal! The family loves to go all-out for holidays big and small, so it’s a no-brainer that they’ll celebrate NPH’s birthday in a big way!

Neil Patrick Harris' House (Google Maps)
Neil Patrick Harris' House

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman has been in Hollywood for decades, and in recent years she’s seemed to find a true and lasting peace with her country music star Keith Urban. The couple actually spends more of their time in Nashville, TN than Hollywood.

They have a lovely mansion that they bought in 2008 for $3.5 million. It includes a pool and tennis court, and beautiful landscaping in addition to 11,000 square feet of living space, seven bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and more. This is the perfect place to snuggle up with her husband and two girls on June 20 when she celebrates her birthday.

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman's House (Birds Eye)
Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman's House

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is Hollywood royalty if anyone is. She has been nominated for a record 21 Academy Awards, winning three. And she’s been nominated for countless other awards.

Despite her international fame and respect, Meryl works hard to live a normal life, including maintaining her primary residence outside New York, in Connecticut. Maybe she’ll celebrate her 71st birthday on June 22 in this lovely home. Hopefully her four kids will be able to celebrate with her, or at least give their mom a call to say happy birthday!

Meryl Streep's House (Birds Eye)
Meryl Streep's House

You don’t need to be a celebrity to have a wonderful birthday, especially in June when the weather is perfect and it feels like the whole world is celebrating with you. Happy birthday to everyone celebrating another trip around the sun this month!

Who’s Having a Birthday in May?

It’s May, and while summer is just around the corner, many of us are still spending most of our time indoors and in our houses. It makes celebrating birthdays unique, even for celebrities.

Let’s see where some celebrities might be spending their home bound birthdays this month!

Dwayne Johnson

May starts off with a bang for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who celebrates his birthday on May 2.

This year, the wrestler turned actor is turning 48, and his career is as hot as ever. Whether it’s acting or wrestling, or being a dad, Dwayne seems to be the best. He’s considered one of the all-time best wrestlers, is one of Hollywood’s top grossing actors of all time, and is dad to three children.

Dwayne recently bought an amazing estate in Powder Springs, Georgia, for $9.5 million. It has an eight-bedroom main house, a custom wine cellar, and amazing outdoor pool. This would be an amazing place to celebrate a birthday.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's House (Google Maps)
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's House

George Clooney

Hollywood’s favorite leading man turns 59 on May 6, and if he’s lucky, he’ll be celebrating with his lovely wife Amal and their twins, Ella and Alexander. The family is often set up near London to support Amal’s career as an attorney.

They may celebrate George’s birthday in the Mill House, a 17th century mansion that they bought for $10 million.

George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's House (Birds Eye)
George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin's House

They may also spend it in their Lake Como home in Italy, where the family likes to spend their summers. George bought the home in 2001 for about $6 million. The home has 15 bedrooms, a boat dock, and a special room devoted to the family’s weekly pizza nights.

George Clooney's house (Google Maps)
George Clooney's house

No matter where in the world George is, he’s sure to have an amazing birthday surrounded by loved ones.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett, one of Hollywood’s most successful Australian actors, turns 51 on May 14. The international star could spend her birthday She bought a gorgeous famous with lots of history in England, in 2015.

She dropped about $6.5 million on Highwell House, a seven bedroom country manor once owned by Sherlock author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. With five, count them five, reception rooms, there’s certainly enough place to throw a fun birthday party and make sure Cate feels very special on her birthday.

Cate Blanchett's House (Google Maps)
Cate Blanchett's House


One of the world’s most influential, and talented, men, Bono still gets older every year just like the rest of us. On May 10, he’s turning 60 years old! The rock star philanthropist could celebrate anywhere in the world, but there’s a good chance he’s spending the day at his home in Killiney, Ireland, which isn’t a bad place to be at all. The area is basically the Hollywood of Ireland, and Bono is just one of many celebrities who live there.

Bono's House (Birds Eye)
Bono's House

The gate to Bono’s house itself has become a tourist destination. Visitors write lyrics or messages on the copper gate, in English and many other languages.

Bono's Front Gate (StreetView)
Bono's Front Gate

Bono loves to celebrate anniversaries and other events in his elaborate mansion in Nice, France. The beachfront home has six bedrooms and a very open feel, a great place to relax and not thing about getting older.

Bono's House (Google Maps)
Bono's House

There’s also a chance he’ll be celebrating in New York City, because his children have spent more time there in recent years. He bought a duplex from Steve Jobs in 2005 for $14.5 million, in the very posh San Remo building on the Upper West Side.

The San Remo (Google Maps)
The San Remo

No matter where he is, a heartfelt and beautiful “Happy Birthday” will be sung, and he’ll be surrounded by loved ones.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey is one of Hollywood’s leading actors, and has a long-established career as a writer, actor, comedian, and host. On May 18, she celebrates a milestone birthday, as she turns 50. Even though she’s a Hollywood star, she and her family spend most of their time in New York City.

She and her husband have owned a gorgeous, four bedroom apartment since 2009, when they paid $3.4 million for the Upper West Side unit. They more than doubled their real estate in 2016, when they bought the penthouse upstairs for an additional $9.5 million. It has four bedrooms, an amazing kitchen, two fireplaces, and lots of light with 22 windows. For the NYC-loving family, this is the perfect place to celebrate her big birthday.

Tina Fey's apartment (Google Maps)
Tina Fey's apartment

Drew Carey

Turning 62 on May 23, Drew Carey will probably be grateful to turn a page and start with a clean slate, since he’s had a rough personal year. If anyone deserves a cheerful get together with friends, loved ones, and delicious food, it’s Drew. He might celebrate his birthday at his home in Los Angeles. We hope America’s favorite game show host will be able to smile and laugh on his birthday this year.

Happy Birthday, Drew!

Drew Carey's House (Birds Eye)
Drew Carey's House

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a legendary musician. The talented singer and writer turns 79 on May 24. He’s been on tour much of the last two decades, so it’s anyone’s guess where he’ll actually spend his birthday.

Hopefully he’s scheduled a break in the tour to relax for a few days and celebrate another trip around the sun. He’s lived in the same Malibu residence since 1979, when he bought his home for only $105,000. He has done extensive renovations to the estate, including installing a trampoline, swimming pool, basketball court, and even a small cabin with boat in the yard. These are just the outdoor amenities people can play with if they come over to have cake and ice cream with Bob on his birthday.

Bob Dylan's House (Google Maps)
Bob Dylan's House

This is just a short list of people having a birthday in May, but it’s always fun to see what famous people are up to, and where they might spend their time. Especially on their birthday, when they get to celebrate life and prosperity. Happy Birthday Everyone!

Donald Trump’s Properties

Before he was President, Donald Trump was famous for being a celebrity CEO, shrewd businessman and of course a real estate tycoon.

From his Trump Tower on New York City’s Fifth Avenue to his resorts in Florida, Trump knows how to live in style, and makes sure we all know it.

Trump Tower, New York

Occupying some of the city’s best real estate space in midtown Manhattan, Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue is a sky scraping monument to Trump’s ambition and dedication.

He worked for decades to acquire and build Trump Tower, which now serves as a multi-use building with retail, office and residential units, including Trump’s penthouse, company headquarters and headquarters for campaign activities for Donald Trump. Other famous residents have included Johnny Carson, Steven Spielberg, and Sophia Lauren.

Trump’s three-story penthouse filled with gilded detail, including gold leaf toilet seats, and Greek style columns as visual reminders of his success.

Trump World Tower (Birds Eye)
Trump World Tower

Boyhood Home in Jamaica Estates, New York

Trump grew up in a posh neighborhood in Queens, New York. In contrast to the melting pot reputation of the Queens Borough, the area of Jamaica Estates is very exclusive, with columned homes and manicured lawns.

The Georgian revival home was designed by Trump’s real estate developer father, with 23 rooms including nine bathrooms. It was here that Trump was taught the value of a dollar and the importance of hard work. He even had a paper route as a young boy.

Donald Trump's Childhood Home (StreetView)
Donald Trump's Childhood Home

Mar a Lago, Palm Beach, Florida

Originally a private residence, Trump bought the sprawling Mar a Lago estate in 1985 for $5 million, a bargain considering he had earlier offered $28 million.

He turned it into a high end resort, with one wing reserved for his family’s private residence. The decor is pure Trump, with $7 million in gold leaf, four gold encrusted toilets and expensive detailing throughout the estate.

Mar a Lago is one of the first clubs in Palm Beach Florida to have allowed Jewish, African American and gay members. Membership dues increased in 2017 from $100,000 to $200,000 annually. Trump often visits the resort, nicknaming it the “Winter White House”. He has even hosted official events including dinner with the President of China early in his presidency.

Donald Trump's house (Mar-A-Lago) (Birds Eye)
Donald Trump's house (Mar-A-Lago)

Seven Springs, New York

Trump bought the historical Westchester Seven Springs estate in 1995 with the intent to turn it into a golf course, but after years of struggling to obtain permits and rights, has largely abandoned the effort.

The property includes 220 acres covering three communities, as well as a 50,000 square foot mansion constructed by the first owner of the Washington Post, and a smaller residences including one constructed by J.J. Heinz, the founder of the Heinz ketchup fortune.

The Trumps use the mansion and other residences on the property in the summer and on weekends, and the estate has sentimental value to the children is it is where they were educated in real estate, construction and the family work ethic, and especially since it is where Eric Trump proposed to his now-wife.

Donald Trump’s Seven Springs estate (Birds Eye)
Donald Trump’s Seven Springs estate

White House

The most exclusive residence in the world, the White House, is now Donald Trump’s official residence, at least for the next year.

The White House has been the official residence of presidents since 1800, when John Adams moved in. The White House complex is not only a home but working office building, with the East Wing for visitors, the First Lady and her staff, the West Wing for official Presidential activities, and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for additional office space for presidential and vice presidential staff.

While past presidents or their wives have occasionally undertaken renovation or restoration of the residence, there’s not word yet that Trump has attempted to leave his personal style of gilded ceilings, walls and toilet seats as a legacy in the White House.

White House, The (Google Maps)
White House, The