City of the Week – Innsbruck

Here are ten interesting tourist sites in Innsbruck…

Ambras Castle Innsbruck (Birds Eye)
Ambras Castle Innsbruck

Hikers in the Tiroler Alps (Birds Eye)
Hikers in the Tiroler Alps
'Bergisel Ski Jump' by Zaha Hadid (Birds Eye)
'Bergisel Ski Jump' by Zaha Hadid

Tiroler Landesmuseum Innsbruck (Birds Eye)
Tiroler Landesmuseum Innsbruck

Cathedral St. Jacob Innsbruck (Birds Eye)
Cathedral St. Jacob Innsbruck

Stadtturm Innsbruck (Birds Eye)
Stadtturm Innsbruck
Hofgarden Innsbruck (Birds Eye)
Hofgarden Innsbruck

Hofkirche - Imperial Church (Google Maps)
Hofkirche - Imperial Church
Nordpark Cable Car (Birds Eye)
Nordpark Cable Car

AlpenZoo Innsbruck (Birds Eye)
AlpenZoo Innsbruck

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