Photo Safari #26 – Results

And another safari comes to a close. Well done everyone. It wasn’t one of the more frenetic safaris but with more than 100 posts it was no where near a small one. Dania moved into the lead early and held it throughout. WacoKidd110 took a well earned second and daggerwell just barely held off adrbr to hold onto third. Kudos to all the participants!

Here are the final results:

124 maps submitted.

1. Dania – 43 points
2. WacoKidd110 – 29 points
3. daggerwell – 19 points
4. adrbr – 16 points
5. Matheus_ – 6 points
6. kuressaare – 5 points
6. LancelotLink – 5 points
7. mlc1us – 1 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ivan Basso (StreetView)
Ivan Basso

Mojca Erdmann (StreetView)
Mojca Erdmann
Jane Goodall (StreetView)
Jane Goodall

Tinker Bell (StreetView)
Tinker Bell

Plácido Domingo (StreetView)
Plácido Domingo

Cameron Diaz (StreetView)
Cameron Diaz
Young Giuseppe Sarto, later Pope Pius X (StreetView)
Young Giuseppe Sarto, later Pope Pius X

Empress Elisabeth of Austria (StreetView)
Empress Elisabeth of Austria
Space Chimps (StreetView)
Space Chimps

Papa Smurf (StreetView)
Papa Smurf

Tune back in at midnight and see if you can stand up to another safari!

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