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jbottero @ 2012-12-05 20:13:07
jbottero pictureDucarme Joseph’s house
No real "back yards" at these houses, just enough space in the back to keep your rottweilers.
jbottero @ 2012-12-05 19:04:48
jbottero pictureDeutschland Erwache (Germany Awake) standard
Racist garbage. Nice.
jbottero @ 2012-12-05 17:30:01
jbottero pictureHC-130 Landing
US Coast Guard
jbottero @ 2012-12-05 17:19:38
jbottero pictureRoadworkers watching the Google car
Seems more like they are looking at the big truck infront of them getting ready to dump some asphalt...
jbottero @ 2012-12-05 11:05:48
jbottero pictureTokyo apartment
Also, the calendar in the music room indicates these images where taken in Nov - Dec of 2010.
jbottero @ 2012-12-05 11:02:21
jbottero pictureTokyo apartment
A *very* spacious apartment by Tokyo standards.
jbottero @ 2012-12-04 21:47:30
jbottero picturePresidential Palace - Egypt
Of course Mubarak is gone, it now belongs to another Pharaoh.
jbottero @ 2012-12-01 11:19:03
jbottero pictureClean up of destroyed hangars
Ahhhh. I normally only associate hangers with aircraft.
jbottero @ 2012-11-26 19:01:47
jbottero pictureDutch Lockheed P-2 Neptune
Actually in Google and Yahoo as well. Wonder what's going on there? Drones maybe? It's a fairly small air strip...
jbottero @ 2012-11-26 18:59:41
jbottero pictureDutch Lockheed P-2 Neptune
In Bing, all views are now "censored".
jbottero @ 2012-11-25 20:07:33
jbottero pictureClean up of destroyed hangars
Hangers for what? I don't see a runway or helo pads.
jbottero @ 2012-11-22 20:58:36
jbottero pictureAxl Rose's Childhood Home
The building and drive do not look to be of 1960's vintage...
jbottero @ 2012-11-22 20:15:32
jbottero pictureIn Sink Erator
Cheesy indeed! More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garbage_disposal_unit

Nice find.
jbottero @ 2012-11-22 18:54:50
jbottero picturePower plant
I wonder what is to the SE? The whole industrial area is filled with large cooling units and tanks. Part of the power station infrastructure?
jbottero @ 2012-11-22 18:48:44
jbottero pictureSandy Island
If you switch to "Map View", the graphic image is of a small spit of land...
jbottero @ 2012-11-22 16:04:14
jbottero pictureVolkswagen Type 2
Nice. My mom used to own one of those.
jbottero @ 2012-11-22 15:15:19
jbottero pictureSandy Island
No, it doesn't actually exist. Read the link, it's an anomaly that has made it onto a number of maps. People have gone out and varified that there is no island there.
jbottero @ 2012-11-21 17:31:27
jbottero pictureFort Story Battery Battery 121
Apparently it's being used for something commercial these days - see Google and Bing...
jbottero @ 2012-11-18 20:09:26
jbottero pictureAirliner taking off
Where is this image from? I don't see it in Google Maps...
jbottero @ 2012-11-18 20:07:32
jbottero pictureC17s
Where is this image from? It's not what I see in Google Maps when I click on the thumb. Is it from Google Earth?
jbottero @ 2012-11-18 20:04:06
jbottero pictureKingscote Airport
jbottero @ 2012-11-18 19:58:05
jbottero pictureRadar site
Where did you get that image? It's not what comes up in Google Maps sat view...
jbottero @ 2012-11-18 12:16:14
jbottero pictureWaterworld tanker movie set
I loaded an updated image today - funny how the nose of that 747 is poking at the thing...
jbottero @ 2012-11-18 11:47:20
jbottero pictureHyundai/Kia Proving Grounds
The Honda track is further north, but close by...
jbottero @ 2012-11-17 18:44:14
jbottero pictureCat on a chimney top
jbottero @ 2012-11-17 18:43:05
jbottero pictureCat on a chimney top
Nope, HHgygy, sorry, missed that!
jbottero @ 2012-10-30 08:46:11
jbottero pictureCat on a chimney top
It's not a real cat, looking at it from several angles reveals it does not move and is probably flat.
jbottero @ 2012-10-29 18:23:34
jbottero pictureMortars
Yes, but how can you tell there are mortars?
jbottero @ 2012-10-28 08:58:42
jbottero pictureFunhouse
Soon to close:


It's interesting how you can see different versions of the exact same view in Street View, depending on how you get there.

For example, follow the Thumbnail above, and you see what is posted.

But, if you navigate there from...
jbottero @ 2012-10-27 20:08:36
jbottero pictureRepairs needed
School house, perhaps?
jbottero @ 2012-10-09 18:28:19
jbottero pictureOsama bin Laden Raid Compound Mock-up
Very nice! Stories had it at a US base in Afghanistan...
jbottero @ 2012-10-09 17:35:02
jbottero picture'Arcalis 91' by Mauro Staccioli
Simular to this one:


Located just outside Volterra, I've added a picture I took while staying in town a few years back...
jbottero @ 2012-10-08 17:18:32
jbottero pictureBruce Lee's Grave
I was quite surprised that this wasn't yet in the database, but there it is!
jbottero @ 2012-10-06 08:48:52
jbottero pictureAbandoned Dirt Track
I don't think it's in use anymore, when I saw it from the air, it was much more "worse for wear" than even in these two pictures. Thanks for tracking that down!

- Jake
jbottero @ 2012-10-05 14:27:50
jbottero pictureAbandoned Dirt Track
I saw this from the air while flying out of Sacramento this morning. It's clearly an abandoned dirt track, there are some paved roads and evidence of buildings and parking that are no longer there. I could find nothing "on-line" about it, though.
jbottero @ 2012-09-29 16:47:50
jbottero pictureLi-2T
There is an interesting looking tower right next to this jet. Water? Observation? Looks to be made of brick. You can see it in some of the User Photos.
jbottero @ 2012-09-26 21:00:53
jbottero pictureEhecatl
In the thumbnail, it looks like "something else". A whole lot of "something else".
jbottero @ 2012-09-22 11:37:09
jbottero pictureRAF Milltown (closed)
At first I thought the circles were crop watering patterns, but they are fenced in areas. Livestock?
jbottero @ 2012-09-22 11:10:02
jbottero pictureLeopard Van
Some of the spots have been burred. Perhaps the Google algorithm thinks they are faces...
jbottero @ 2012-09-20 17:04:56
jbottero pictureSpy Residence
20 Exchange Place

Originally the fourth tallest building in New York, 20 Exchange was built in 1930-31 as the headquarters for National City Bank of NY and the Farmer’s Loan and Trust Company, a predecessor of CitiGroup. Though it today consists of office space and luxury apartments, the original marble bank still exists (now vacant), and has been featured in dozens of film shoots, most notably, Inside Man.

jbottero @ 2012-09-20 16:52:17
jbottero pictureThe Blow Fly Inn
Web site gone.
jbottero @ 2012-09-15 14:43:17
jbottero pictureStrange planter
It has now been blurred out...
jbottero @ 2012-09-15 14:40:17
jbottero pictureBridge to Nowhere
jbottero @ 2012-09-11 17:58:48
jbottero pictureGoogle Data Center
Looks like a giant 68000 processor...
jbottero @ 2012-09-07 15:56:42
jbottero pictureLens Flare
"Lens flare", eh? That's what THEY say...
jbottero @ 2012-09-02 12:39:54
jbottero picturePicatinny Arsenal
jbottero @ 2012-09-02 11:18:47
jbottero picturePeter Boyle's House (former)
It's not a house, it's a production facility.
jbottero @ 2012-09-02 09:37:05
jbottero pictureBoeing C-17 Globemaster III
Yellow tail colors means it's a Charleston AFB bird...
jbottero @ 2012-09-01 20:56:36
jbottero pictureAdmiral Kuznetsov
jbottero @ 2012-08-31 19:04:04
jbottero picture"Toyota Sucks"
Oops! Milc1us already found it...
jbottero @ 2012-08-31 19:02:48
jbottero picture"Toyota Sucks"
The roof isn't the half of it!

jbottero @ 2012-08-31 18:58:20
jbottero pictureDome Village for the homeless
You can still see the circular concrete pads that the domes stood on, though...
jbottero @ 2012-08-31 17:35:14
jbottero pictureDome Village for the homeless
No longer there, and the web site is now something Japanese...
jbottero @ 2012-08-29 19:30:01
jbottero pictureReporter/Camera Man
Nice find!
jbottero @ 2012-08-22 16:55:46
jbottero pictureTesla's Workshops
Yeah... I'll bet everyone was disappointed this wasn't a pic of the Tesla Motorcar factory...
jbottero @ 2012-08-20 16:44:33
jbottero pictureChelyabinsk-65 / Ozersk Combine 817 / Production Association Mayak
jbottero @ 2012-08-19 13:28:26
jbottero pictureMysterious Large Airplane Near The CIA
It's Chesley Sullenberger at the stick!
jbottero @ 2012-08-18 14:44:47
jbottero picture"The Big Lebowski" Filming Location "Sobchak Security"
"Eden Therapy" by the way is a Marijuana Dispensery.
jbottero @ 2012-08-18 14:23:26
jbottero pictureMarruvium Ampatheater
Name should be Marruvium *Amphitheater*
jbottero @ 2012-08-05 11:14:45
jbottero pictureDestruction Island Lighthouse
Interestingly, in Bing Maps, this island has completely disappeared. A testament to the absolute craptastic subquality of the Bing Maps offings. Since there is not a paying business like maybe a McDonald's on Destruction Island, Bing has no interest in it.
jbottero @ 2012-07-29 22:41:19
jbottero pictureHomomonument
Is that what it is really call? I know it's politically incorrect for me to say this, but I find that simply staggeringly hilarious. In the United States, there would certainly be stadiums full of "outraged" people bursting blood vessels in their foreheads over such a name.
jbottero @ 2012-07-29 13:53:37
jbottero pictureJames Doohan's house (former)
When I was a chef at the Seattle Sheraton, Mr. Doohan would come in all the time. Boy was he a cranky and hard to please old man! But being a Star Trek fan, it was non-the-less always an honor to make food for such a star...
jbottero @ 2012-07-11 21:06:05
jbottero pictureSolar Cells? Antenna?
My dad was stationed here during Viet Nam... AWFUL place for a kid... Nothing but sand and very very hot.
jbottero @ 2012-07-05 18:00:41
jbottero pictureConcrete Tunnel Lining Pieces
These, of course, are the tunnel shell pieces stacked up...
jbottero @ 2012-06-01 18:01:38
jbottero pictureRiver Street Sweets Candy Store
jbottero @ 2012-05-26 16:34:10
jbottero pictureBS&F Auto Parts
I just don't understand (and really can't stand) reality TV. The closest I get is "Dirty Jobs".
jbottero @ 2012-05-26 16:32:28
jbottero pictureMadonna's childhood house
jbottero @ 2012-05-18 18:32:31
jbottero picturePink Booted Car
I suppose there are laws against cutting these things off with a blow torch?
jbottero @ 2012-05-05 01:02:33
jbottero picturePul-i-Charki Prison
A much better "More Info" link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pul-e-Charkhi_prison

Recently renovated by the USA for the purpose of shipping prisoners from "Gitmo", also the location of Soviet-era mass graves.
jbottero @ 2012-05-05 00:50:19
jbottero pictureNo entry
No more...
jbottero @ 2012-05-05 00:49:23
jbottero pictureSigns Of A Better Time
I wonder what the large complex across the road is? Looks like Saddam Hussein era that doesn't get much use these days... Seems to have a security fence with occasional guard houses...
jbottero @ 2012-05-03 23:30:36
jbottero picture2 wrecks off Belize
jbottero @ 2012-05-03 11:13:37
jbottero picturePurple Haze Village
I think I would like to book a few weeks their when I retire... Hope it's still around in 5 years.
jbottero @ 2012-03-08 21:25:58
jbottero pictureBill Clinton Presidential Library
Snicker... It looks like a giant single-wide mobile home... And that's all I'm going to say, except I voted for Bill Clinton, and would do so again (me being a card carrying Bleeding Heart Liberal). But good grief, a giant single-wide?
jbottero @ 2012-02-25 18:48:22
jbottero pictureWashing a Car
I know it's probably not the same street, but... In "Foxy Brown", the Sam Jackson character and the Robert De Niro character are sitting in the VW bus on a street VERY MUCH like this one, when Jacson blows him away... Could be the same street...
jbottero @ 2012-02-25 11:21:46
jbottero pictureWashing a Car
jbottero @ 2012-02-25 11:20:27
jbottero pictureWoman washing a carpet
jbottero @ 2012-02-25 11:18:17
jbottero pictureWashing up his big belly
Not there anymore or map location error.
jbottero @ 2012-02-16 21:52:42
jbottero pictureGrain ship loading at silo
Latest sat images show retractable roof to cover the open cargo hold during the famous Pacific Northwest rain storms.
jbottero @ 2012-02-06 16:32:40
jbottero picturePorta Potties/Plane Crash Site
Wow, that's funny seeing a Tacoma story at a UK news site.
jbottero @ 2012-02-04 11:26:20
jbottero picturePliers
Not there in linky image.
jbottero @ 2012-01-25 16:55:21
jbottero pictureHanford Nuclear Site
This area is "200 West" and "200 East". The main function of the facilities in the 200 Area of Hanford was to remove the plutonium from the uranium fuel rods after they had been subjected to the nuclear chain reaction in the 100 Area reactors. Five massive processing facilities called “canyons” were where these activities took place. They were called canyons because each of them is about three football fields long, with walls extending sixty feet above the ground and dropping another...
jbottero @ 2012-01-24 14:35:11
jbottero pictureSHCOOL X-ING - Misspelling
Apparently it's still there. Terrific commentary about the quality of Public School...
jbottero @ 2011-12-31 12:34:22
jbottero pictureMazda Miata burned in string of arson fires
The Miata must live in the neighborhood to have been caught in a Street View pre-fire... Nice map.
jbottero @ 2011-12-16 21:12:09
jbottero pictureDick Proenneke's Twin Lakes
Very much so. Few of us could have done these things even if we had wanted to. An amazing show about an amazing man.

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If it were up to me, I would not allow "anon" posting!
jbottero @ 2011-12-12 22:49:44
jbottero pictureYucca Airstrip
I think the discussion you mention about it being a UAV site is quite interesting indeed! If you look around the area, there are a number of "interesting" air strips. My guess there is a lot of that going on out in the Navada desert...
jbottero @ 2011-12-12 16:58:14
jbottero pictureYucca Airstrip
From Wikipedia:


Yucca Airstrip Airport covers an area of 41 acres (17 ha) and has two runways, one located on the salt flat and a shorter, more recently constructed asphalt runway just east of the salt flat

Runway 01/19: 4,990 x 75 ft (1,521 x 23 m), surface: Asphalt
Runway 14/32: 9,000 x 200 ft (2,743 x 61 m), surface: Salt


So actually it is mentioned. Yes, there is a great deal of...
jbottero @ 2011-12-06 21:14:09
jbottero pictureSimpsons of Piccadilly
Thanks for your comments!
jbottero @ 2011-12-06 21:07:01
jbottero pictureMichael Moore's House
jbottero @ 2011-11-17 17:41:34
jbottero pictureNo face blur
No face blur? You know what that means, right?

jbottero @ 2011-11-09 21:41:51
jbottero pictureHawk TMk1 Trainers
Oh yes, I see that. Nice.
jbottero @ 2011-11-07 23:45:15
jbottero pictureLincoln Continental Mark V (1977–1979)
My sister had one of these. Power everything, leather everything (real cow, not Corinthian leather which of course is not an animal product). It's difficult to imagine how big one of these things is unless you actually see one. The reason there is rubber on all four corners is that you simply can't see them and will almost certainly bump into things. These cars are so big, they simply don't fit into parking spaces of today. According to Wikipedia, these things are 231 inches, that's 19 feet!...
jbottero @ 2011-11-06 16:59:49
jbottero pictureNuclear Weapons Workshops
Yes, I saw the Haaretz article. Israel may have plans for this location...
jbottero @ 2011-11-06 11:42:50
jbottero pictureRoute 66 logo
jbottero @ 2011-10-21 20:25:13
jbottero pictureAntonov An-124 - Largest jet ever massed produced
Last time I checked, the cargo hold of an AN-124 is un-pressurized, I suppose this solved a number of design / maintenance issues, but I'm sure that's really inconvenient for the loadmaster. There is a ceiling mounted wench / crane that runs the center-line.

Of course there is a specially designed sub-zero temperature refrigerator for the storage of a case of quality vodka and assorted accouterments.
jbottero @ 2011-10-21 18:30:51
jbottero pictureBob Guccioni's House (former)
Also known as Milbank Mansion.
jbottero @ 2011-10-19 21:40:50
jbottero pictureExotic Animals Escaped from Animal Farm 19 Oct 2011
jbottero @ 2011-10-12 20:00:56
jbottero pictureGarfield and Odie
I love graffiti art. One of the best parts of V.G.
jbottero @ 2011-10-12 19:26:09
jbottero pictureThe Laugh Factory
This is where comedian Michael Richards went off on a racist rant and his career crumbled.
jbottero @ 2011-10-08 21:59:19
jbottero pictureAbandoned Government Lab
Not the location I would expect to find a government lab. Sort of creepy... Like maybe the nuclear aircraft thing is a "cover" (where is the runway?) and really they were doing research into man-ape fighting zombies? I find the fighting zombie idea much more believable at this fairly remote location!