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In a complete shock to the entertainment world, Betty White passed away in her sleep on December 31, 2021. She was just shy of her 100th birthday, but seemed as healthy, happy, and lovable as ever.

As we mourn the loss of America’s sweetest comedian, let’s look back on her long life and career.

Carmel, California Home

Betty White began her career in radio, before television entertainment was even a thing! She had already been acting for more than 30 years when she appeared on a game show hosted by Allen Ludden. The two fell in love and were married in 1963.

The happy couple bought land in Carmel, California, and built their dream home. It was about 3,000 square feet, with two bedrooms and five bathrooms. However, fate was cruel, and Allen passed away from cancer just days after the home was completed.

Nonetheless, Betty moved in and lived there for decades, until she had to move to Los Angeles, in order to receive better personal care during the Covid-19 pandemic. Betty was devastated at the move, as she had hoped to live there until she died.

Betty White's House (Deceased) (Google Maps)
Betty White's House (Deceased)

Los Angeles, California Home

Betty White passed away in her sleep in her new home, on December 31, 2021. While it wasn’t where she wanted to be, the 3,600 square foot house was a good home for the actress, and she found ways to be happy there. The house had a gorgeous kitchen, swimming pool, and rooms dedicated to stuffed animals, which brought the animal lover great joy. She always told people that whenever she went in or out of these rooms, she said hello and goodbye to her beloved stuffed pets.

Betty White's House (Demolished) (Birds Eye)
Betty White's House (Demolished)

Golden Girls Home, Los Angeles, California

Betty White had been acting for 45 years when she starred in Golden Girls in the 1980s, cementing her celebrity status for another generation. Working alongside Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and others, Betty stood out for her portrayal of the naive and sweet Rose.

The home featured in the show is a real house, in Los Angeles. Exterior shots of the home were used originally, but eventually a replica was built on a studio back lot for more convenient filming.

The Golden Girls House (Birds Eye)
The Golden Girls House

Sandra Bullock

One of her favorite fellow movie stars, Sandra Bullock loved Betty White. Long after they worked together in The Proposal, the two funny ladies were great friends. When Betty White received a lifetime achievement award, Sandra presented it to her.

Sandra is very private about her personal life, especially since adopting her son Louis. But she does maintain a residence in New Orleans, where he was born. The city is important to her, as she wants to maintain ties to his roots.

The 1876 Gothic-style home has 6,600 square feet, five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and set Sandra back about $2.25 million.

Sandra Bullock's House (StreetView)
Sandra Bullock's House

Ryan Reynolds

It seems that everyone who worked with Betty loved her, and she was especially fond of joking around with Ryan Reynolds about his “crush” on her. The two joked as recently as December 2021, right before her death. Ryan and his wife Blake Lively choose not to raise their family in Los Angeles, and have spent years in New York.

The couple lived in this home in Pound Ridge, NY for about a year before they decided to move down the street to a $5 million home that was better for their family. They are private about their kids, so we won’t link to that home here.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's House (Former) (Birds Eye)
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's House (Former)

Betty White’s passing on December 31 seemed like a fitting, if not frustrating, end to 2021, a year that was full of ups and downs. Even so, we will be grateful for the long life Betty had, and be grateful that she shared so much of it with her fans. Thank you, Betty, for the decades of laughs and joy you brought us all. We will not soon forget you.