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Former site of the John Brown & Company shipyardClydebank, GB2010-01-19 12:12:55kjfitzUnrated1,2291.8km
Titan ClydebankClydebank, GB2017-02-06 10:18:25kkepsUnrated2311.8km
Glasgow International Airport (GLA)Glasgow, GB2006-03-19 14:17:58scotchman (0 votes)1,0512.1km
Boeing 757 "Red Nose Day 2007"Glasgow, GB2008-05-02 16:56:21Rene73 (0 votes)4502.3km
2007-06-30 - Car driven into Glasgow International AirportGlasgow, GB2007-06-30 15:20:17dda (0 votes)8142.3km
Glasgow International Airport fire training centerGlasgow, GB2015-04-06 07:17:18FabUnrated3222.4km
HMS Daring (D32)Scotstoun, GB2008-05-03 14:35:08Rene73 (0 votes)6532.7km
Xscape BreaheadRenfrew, GB2007-03-25 12:18:32kjfitz4.67 (3 votes)6202.7km
Two Royal Navy Type 45 / Daring class destroyers under constructionRenfrew, GB2010-03-12 14:00:32kjfitzUnrated4862.8km
HMS Dauntless (D33)Scotstoun, GB2008-05-03 14:35:22Rene733.00 (1 votes)6692.8km
Royal Navy ship in portGlasgow, GB2007-03-25 12:23:35kjfitz (0 votes)5562.8km
Airplane landing in GlasgowGlasgow, GB2005-06-27 10:15:01TexasAndroid5.67 (9 votes)5803.1km
BMX trackClydebank, GB2013-01-19 16:44:13adrbrUnrated5123.2km
Love StreetPaisley, GB2006-03-19 13:54:45scotchman (0 votes)6573.3km
Compass rose - Centreholm RoundaboutErskine, GB2007-03-25 12:15:06kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)7383.3km
Airplane in flightGlasgow, GB2012-11-03 07:40:33kuressaareUnrated3613.5km
Map of Hillington ParkGlasgow, GB2012-05-27 10:04:07adrbr1.00 (1 votes)4243.5km
Ikea GlasgowGlasgow, GB2008-05-25 01:55:27neotrix (0 votes)7993.7km
Paisley Gilmour Street rail accident (4/16/79)Paisley, GB2010-07-05 19:52:44kkeps10.00 (1 votes)4753.8km
Paisley AbbeyPaisley, GB2005-08-12 13:26:20Hinkkanen (0 votes)4944.1km
Coats ObservatoryPaisley, GB2010-09-01 08:41:55LancelotLinkUnrated4314.1km
Cleddans Roman Fortlet (Antonine Wall)Duntocher, GB2018-01-18 10:06:52DrudiiUnrated2274.6km
Duntocher Roman Fort (Antonine Wall)Duntocher, GB2018-01-18 10:00:09DrudiiUnrated2164.7km
Abandoned Fossilised Crazy Golf CourseGlasgow, GB2016-04-27 13:04:39DrudiiUnrated2934.9km
Totem PoleClydebank, GB2010-04-09 07:52:03adrbrUnrated4285.1km