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Space Shuttle Enterprise on board USS IntrepidNew York, NY, US2012-12-01 13:34:20Dania8.50 (6 votes)70,769
Soviet Space ShuttleMoscow, RU2005-07-01 14:10:30TexasAndroid6.56 (61 votes)4,262
1st Stage of Saturn RocketNew Orleans, LA, US2006-07-26 15:00:09Pdunn7.52 (31 votes)3,255
Another Romanian UFOSzeged, RO2007-09-22 02:47:23DonMartini4.33 (6 votes)3,231
US Space and Rocket CenterHuntsville, AL, US2005-04-18 12:27:04wil90007.49 (65 votes)2,592
Full scale model of Russian space shuttle 'Ptichka'Baikonur, KZ2006-08-15 21:54:31kjfitz7.00 (7 votes)2,588
Incom T65 X-wing starfighter on static displayParis, FR2007-08-29 18:46:01kjfitz7.07 (14 votes)1,963
Landed UFOUtrecht, NL2007-03-31 07:03:54DonMartini5.50 (2 votes)1,955
ATK Thiokol Propulsion Test FacilityPromontory, UT, US2006-03-20 14:18:43tully6.00 (1 votes)1,812
Soviet Space Shuttle - Buran OK-GLIJuffair, BH2007-06-27 10:33:46kjfitz6.33 (3 votes)1,791
Apollo 19 Lunar Module #13Philadelphia, PA, US2006-01-27 15:41:08kjfitz10.00 (3 votes)1,783
Pratt & Whitney Space Propulsion - West Palm Beach OperationsWest Palm Beach, FL, US2005-07-31 14:24:45robsv (0 votes)1,633
Scale Ariane 4 RocketMannheim, DE2007-05-17 11:27:21kjfitz (0 votes)1,568
Sea Launch floating satellite launch siteLong Beach, CA, US2005-08-01 23:28:31kjfitz10.00 (2 votes)1,555
NASANew Orleans, LA, US2006-09-30 13:33:24Pdunn5.50 (2 votes)1,517
ESTEC (European Space Agency test center)Noordwijk, NL2006-12-06 01:33:37romulusnr6.56 (9 votes)1,460
Sea Launch Commander - Assembly and Command ShipLong Beach, CA, US2006-02-02 15:42:16kjfitz5.50 (2 votes)1,443
Johnson Space CenterWebster, TX, US2005-04-22 18:40:22nic5.50 (2 votes)1,401
Space Shuttle Booster and Fuel TankCape Canaveral, FL, US2007-08-07 09:17:40kjfitz (0 votes)1,370
Cape Canaveral Complex 13Cape Canaveral, FL, US2005-08-01 19:10:45robsv10.00 (1 votes)1,316
Space Shuttle in desertPalmdale, CA, US2006-09-21 10:30:19Pdunn5.50 (2 votes)1,301
Space Shuttle AtlantisCape Canaveral, FL, US2012-08-02 00:31:57Mike19899.00 (11 votes)1,288
Space Shuttle EndeavourCape Canaveral, FL, US2012-08-02 00:28:42Mike19898.75 (8 votes)1,215
Saturn V rocketHuntsville, AL, US2007-08-21 12:15:31kjfitz7.00 (12 votes)1,162
Space Shuttle Mockup @ Cape CanaveralCape Canaveral, FL, US2005-04-22 18:33:51nic2.00 (1 votes)1,086
China first manned spaceflight launch siteJiayuguan, CN2005-08-13 01:52:34kjfitz2.00 (3 votes)1,077
Aero Spacelines 377-SG 'Super Guppy'Tucson, AZ, US2006-01-19 10:32:40kjfitz1.00 (1 votes)1,077
Stennis Space CenterStennis Space Center, MS, US2005-04-22 19:18:59nic (0 votes)1,060
Cape Canaveral Complex 34Cape Canaveral, FL, US2005-07-31 15:19:09robsv4.92 (12 votes)1,023
Rockwell X-30 PrototypeHuntsville, AL, US2008-01-27 19:45:44kjfitz (0 votes)1,023
DC-3 and Redstone rocket at NC Museum of Life and ScienceDurham, NC, US2005-09-06 11:25:17kjfitz (0 votes)975
SPACE DEBRIS : SALYUT 7Oro Verde, AR2007-12-15 13:05:47hanswoerzt (0 votes)970
Ariane V RocketParis, FR2006-04-21 01:41:02kjfitz2.00 (1 votes)966
Atlas Missile at Gillespie FieldSan Diego, CA, US2006-09-15 14:40:10Pdunn (0 votes)943
Shuttle Mate-Demate Device (MDD) - DrydenEdwards AFB, CA, US2006-01-10 10:27:56kjfitz (0 votes)933
Mercury Redstone Rocket at Cape CanaveralCape Canaveral, FL, US2007-12-06 16:35:16Pdunn10.00 (3 votes)910
Full scale Skylab mock-upHuntsville, AL, US2008-01-27 19:54:24kjfitz7.23 (13 votes)901
Cape Canaveral Complex 14Cape Canaveral, FL, US2005-07-31 15:26:09robsv6.25 (4 votes)866
Jigs for assembly of Space Shuttle external tanksNew Orleans, LA, US2008-04-16 16:27:12kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)851
Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance (GEODSS)Socorro, NM, US2006-10-12 19:26:14kjfitz5.50 (2 votes)842
Saturn V stage and Gemini rocketBayamón, PR2011-05-04 21:11:03kjfitzUnrated829
US Astronaut Hall of Fame and Florida's Space CampTitusville, FL, US2005-08-09 13:57:57tj17mill10.00 (1 votes)814
Saturn V rocket (replica)Huntsville, AL, US2007-08-21 12:12:04kjfitz7.44 (43 votes)794
Space Shuttle mock-upHouston, TX, US2006-08-09 12:27:17kjfitz (0 votes)790
A-4 Skyhawk and spacecraft at Santa Maria Pub/ Capt G. Allan FieldSanta Maria, CA, US2007-04-19 20:59:30Pdunn (0 votes)764
Spaceship OneLas Cruces, NM, US2006-12-17 22:17:12kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)763
Re-entry vehicle tucked away at NASA AmesPalo Alto, CA, US2006-10-12 15:17:37Pdunn (0 votes)746
Shuttle replicaGreen Gables, CA2007-10-25 11:25:16archie (0 votes)726
Mercury Redstone and Apollo Little Joe IIHouston, TX, US2006-08-09 12:50:55kjfitz (0 votes)722
Space ShuttleHuntsville, AL, US2008-07-21 15:08:13kjfitz7.30 (10 votes)721
Cape Canaveral Complex 17Cape Canaveral, FL, US2005-08-03 18:26:53robsv6.50 (14 votes)718
Flying saucer next to a barnBelleville, WI, US2009-06-03 10:42:43milwhckyUnrated712
Apollo Lunar ModuleHuntsville, AL, US2008-01-27 19:49:50kjfitz7.30 (10 votes)710
Space Shuttle Mock-up at NASA AmesMountain View, CA, US2006-01-26 12:00:32kjfitz (0 votes)701
Ariane 44LP rocket at Bremen Space ParkBremen, DE2007-08-18 12:27:53kjfitz (0 votes)690
CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research CentreCapua, IT2005-07-25 22:43:01kjfitz4.73 (11 votes)673
Canadian Space Agency HeadquartersSt Hubert, CA2005-09-14 11:07:15kjfitz3.00 (2 votes)671
EPCOT - Mission: SPACEKissimmee, FL, US2006-03-11 12:55:00kjfitz (0 votes)671
Rockets on static displayHuntsville, AL, US2008-01-27 20:09:48kjfitz7.52 (29 votes)666
Racks for Space Shuttle external tanksNew Orleans, LA, US2008-04-16 16:29:13kjfitz (0 votes)664
Cape Canaveral Complex 46Cape Canaveral, FL, US2005-08-03 18:35:38robsv5.28 (18 votes)651
Cape Canaveral Complex 19Cape Canaveral, FL, US2005-08-03 18:06:26robsv9.50 (2 votes)648
Saturn IB and other rockets at Kennedy Space Center Visitor ComplexKennedy Space Center, FL, US2005-06-29 16:09:29kjfitz4.64 (22 votes)643
Shuttle Engine Test StandBay St Louis, MS, US2006-11-26 10:19:38bobpiggy5.00 (2 votes)630
U.S. Space CommandCO, US2005-09-01 00:40:13pdunn3.90 (29 votes)626
Ariane IV RocketParis, FR2006-04-21 01:42:56kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)620
The crawler-transporterFL, US2006-10-23 11:45:33dda (0 votes)615
Launch Complex 31 (Shuttle Discovery debris storage)Cape Canaveral, FL, US2010-01-01 23:00:11kjfitzUnrated614
Orbital 'Stargazer' Pegasus rocket launch platformMojave, CA, US2007-03-07 12:00:24kjfitz (0 votes)601
Atlas and Titan RocketsNew York, NY, US2006-11-04 01:00:02kjfitz6.00 (7 votes)598
Soviet Space Shuttle 2.01 "Baikal"Moscow, RU2008-04-22 11:12:01Rene735.50 (2 votes)589
Saturn 1B section at the Propulsion and Structural Test FacilityHuntsville, AL, US2008-02-07 12:46:30kjfitz (0 votes)582
Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Segment RailcarCape Canaveral, FL, US2006-10-23 18:26:26Cold_Tiger6.00 (1 votes)580
Saturn 1B rocketHuntsville, AL, US2008-06-10 16:25:21kjfitz7.43 (35 votes)577
Rockets on Static Display at Goddard Space Flight CenterGreenbelt, MD, US2005-09-27 16:29:59AlbinoFlea5.67 (6 votes)573
Flying saucer and a rocketOsseo, WI, US2010-01-13 21:53:19milwhckyUnrated561
Delta IV Common Booster Core (CBC) rocketCape Canaveral, FL, US2008-01-16 16:57:05kjfitz (0 votes)558
Rotary Rocket Roton Atmospheric Test Vehicle (ATV)Mojave, CA, US2008-12-09 16:35:28kjfitzUnrated557
1st Stage of Saturn RocketNew Orleans, LA, US2011-12-17 03:40:42kuressaareUnrated554
2007-07-27 - Blast at desert spaceport kills 2, injures 4Mojave, CA, US2007-07-27 17:56:45kjfitz (0 votes)540
Silent Supersonic Technology Demonstrator (S-Cube) a.k.a NEXSTTokyo, JP2009-04-16 09:14:01kjfitzUnrated539
NASA's Space Power Facility at the Glenn Research CenterSandusky, OH, US2006-11-22 20:42:00Pdunn (0 votes)538
Rocket or Missile on trailer at NASA wind tunnelCleveland, OH, US2006-09-19 14:55:33Pdunn (0 votes)537
Shuttle booster rocket and other rocket engines on static displayCorinne, UT, US2007-03-19 10:23:51kjfitz (0 votes)536
Sputnik IV Crash SiteManitowoc, WI, US2011-04-21 13:08:22CheesyCheetahUnrated535
Mercury Redstone Rocket Body at Santa Monica AirportSanta Monica, CA, US2006-09-26 19:23:15Pdunn (0 votes)530
Rocket outside NASA's Ames wind tunnelPalo Alto, CA, US2006-10-12 14:52:08Pdunn (0 votes)524
Space Shuttle Chalenger mock-upTucson, AZ, US2006-12-22 13:23:50kjfitz (0 votes)520
Chinese Launch Complex at Pao-lu-wu-loEjin, CN2008-06-02 07:14:13boothy4431.00 (1 votes)512
Space Shuttle Mock-up at NASA AmesSan Jose, CA, US2008-12-09 17:39:47kjfitzUnrated507
Ariane 5Toulouse, FR2008-05-06 11:01:00Rene737.00 (1 votes)507
F-1 riocket engineHuntsville, AL, US2008-01-27 20:15:33kjfitz10.00 (3 votes)500
Xichang - China's orbital launch facilityXichang, CN2005-08-13 01:40:01kjfitz4.00 (3 votes)496
Arianne Rocket ReplicaSeville, ES2007-03-31 03:00:40DonMartini (0 votes)494
Mars Mobile LaboratoryHuntsville, AL, US2008-01-27 20:13:42kjfitz10.00 (2 votes)493
Martin Marietta X-24AColorado Springs, CO, US2007-03-30 20:32:37kjfitz (0 votes)492
Apollo 14 Command ModuleCape Canaveral, FL, US2012-08-02 00:38:51Mike198910.00 (1 votes)485
Rocketplane XPLas Cruces, NM, US2006-12-17 22:28:39kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)481
JAXA HOPE-X spaceplane sub-scale testbedTokyo, JP2009-04-16 09:15:38kjfitzUnrated472
Home of SpaceShipOneMojave, CA, US2005-07-29 10:22:47kjfitz (0 votes)471