Famous Murder Sites (Mini Thumbnails)

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Fox Hollow Farm
Martha Moxley's House (former)
Manson Family/Tate murder site
Serial killer Ed Gein's farm
Charles Manson's Barker Ranch
Nicole Simpson/Ron Goldman murder site
Selena Murder Site (Days Inn Airport at I-37)
Travis Alexander's House (former)
Former Nazi German Concentration Camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau
Sean Taylor's House
Site of Jonestown in Guyana
Red Fox Restaurant, where Jimmy Hoffa disappeared
Chris Benoit's House (former)
Dealey Plaza
Location where the Black Dahlia's body was found
Clutter Farm of Capote's 'In Cold Blood' notoriety
Essex boys The Rettendon Triple Murder Site
Phil Spector's House
Gianni Versace's House (former)
Julius Caesar's Murder Site
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel's House
Wichita horror murder scene
The X marks the spot where President Kennedy was shot
Body of Child: Caylee Anthony?
Laci and Scott Peterson's House (former)
A cross on the site of Joan of Arc execution
Columbine High School
Site of John Lennon's murder
Abraham Lincoln assassination site
Where John Lennon Lived & Was Shot
Villa Belmonte - Mussolini death place
Amon Göth's house at Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp
La Bianca Murders Site
Dachau concentration camp
MLK, Jr. assassination site/Lorraine Motel
Ted Binion's House (Former)
Sam Giancana's House (former)
Lizzie Borden axe murder home
John List Murder House
Menendez Murder House
Oklahoma City Bombing Site
Site of Jeffrey Dahmer's Apartment
Hell's Angels New York
Double Homicide
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shooting Site
Site of 1959 Perelson Murder/Suicide
John H. Tunstall Murder Site
Osbaston House
Chi Omega Murders
Erwin Rommel death site and memorial
Site of the 1922 Herrin Massacre
Site of the Khobar Towers bombing
2006-03-25 - Seattle "Capitol Hill Massacre" House
Adam Lanza's house
Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood Home
Christian/Newsom Murder Site
Germanwings Flight 9525 crash site
Mickey Thompson's House (Former)
Michael Peterson's House (former)
Marlon Brando's House (Former)
Steve McNair death site (04-Jul-2009)
Charlie Hebdo head office
Hidden Dreams Farm
Marvin Gaye's House (former)
Via Fani massacre site
JonBenét Ramsey murder site
Bhopal Disaster Site
Tupac Shakur shooting site
2005-10-15 - Murder House
Sean Taylor's House
Pat Garrett Murder Site
Versace house
2007-11-04 - Meredith Kercher Murder Site
Breendonk concentration camp
2005-05-30 Place of disappearance Natalee Holloway
Site of the My Lai massacre
The Dakota
Sylvia Likens Murder Site
Duffy's Cut Mass Grave
John Du Pont's House "Foxcatcher Farm" (Former)
DC Sniper Home Depot murder
Gorée island - 'The Door of No Return'
Panmunjom - Ax Murder Site
La Mesa Prison
Jim Williams' House (former)
President Garfield Assassination Site
Whitechapel - Jack the Ripper
Site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Bonnie Lee Bakley murder site
Deerfield Massacre
Marvin Gaye's Murder Site
Christa Worthington's House
Malcolm X Assassination (site)
Ambassador Hotel
Serial Killer Kendall Francois' House (former)
Bob & Diane Ward's house (former)
2002-10-12 - Bali Bomb ground zero
Amon Göth's former house
Darrell Lance Abbott "Dimebag" murder location (Dec 8 2004)