200,000 maps

Today , VirtualGlobetrotting reached an amazing milestone:

The 200,000th map was submitted!

IS 3 tank (StreetView)
IS 3 tank

Congratulations to adrbr for submitting the 200,000th map! This is also adrbr’s 20,745th map. No one has submitted more. Very Impressive!

People, Characters, Animals Scavenger Hunt

It is time for our 25th Scavenger Hunt!

For this one you’ll be looking for pictures or statues of people, characters, and animals.

The winner receives a $25 Amazon gift card!

Paintings, photos, posters, ads, statues, artwork, logos, etc. Everything is free game as long as it depicts the person, character, or animal we’re seeking. I’ll be looking for a picture, not a written name.

HINT: Memorials and statues are a good source for deceased famous people.

If the person lived in real life then please include a sentence describing who they were and when they were born and died.


Bob Doe, (March 3, 1960 – May 5, 2000), obscure brother of John Doe.

This Scavenger Hunt will end at midnight PST on March 25, 2015.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

Link to the scavenger hunt is HERE

Today in History – January 8

The USS San Francisco (SSN-71) hits an uncharted undersea mountain while travelling at high speed about 500 ft below surface.

USS San Francisco (SSN-711) in drydock after hitting underwater mountain (Google Maps)
USS San Francisco (SSN-711) in drydock after hitting underwater mountain

The Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) completes the withdrawal of all workers from the Light Water Reactor project site in Kumho, North Korea.

Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO)'s Community Area (Google Maps)
Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO)'s Community Area

Photo Safari #15 – Results

Another great safari with 453 posts. adrbr and daggerwell played leapfrog for the lead all week with dagerwell in front at the end. K7ISS overtook WacoKidd110 in the final hour to finish 3rd. Good job folks!

The final results:

453 maps submitted.

daggerwell – 170 points
adrbr – 141 points
K7ISS – 52 points
WacoKidd110 – 49 points
LancelotLink – 21 points
forthefallendrms – 11 points
kuressaare – 7 points
giove – 2 points

Here are a few of my favorites:

Garage sale (StreetView)
Garage sale
Hat Stand (StreetView)
Hat Stand
Lucha libre mask cart (StreetView)
Lucha libre mask cart

Zebra skins for sale (StreetView)
Zebra skins for sale

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Photo Safari #14 – Results

kjfitz is in France for a cycling event, so I get to post the Safari results for a couple of weeks.

Another record setting safari this week with a whopping 598 maps. You posted way more than any other safari so far. Congratulations to kuressaare for finishing in the top spot.

The final results:

598 maps submitted.

kuressaare – 182 points
daggerwell – 132 points
WacoKidd110 – 113 points
adrbr – 76 points
LancelotLink – 68 points
kkeps – 15 points
Tyco – 12 points

Here are a few favorites kjfitz selected before he left.

The 'Black Pearl' (StreetView)
The 'Black Pearl'
SS Palo Alto (StreetView)
SS Palo Alto
NDCC Almirante Saboia (G-25) (StreetView)
NDCC Almirante Saboia (G-25)

Albion (StreetView)

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