Military Missile Sites (List)

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Egyptian SA-3 site on the banks of the Suez CanalIsmailia, EG2006-06-19 08:08:19Analogman (0 votes)2,010
Abandoned Egyptian Military SA-3 Missile SiteMansoura, EG2005-09-18 11:11:12kjfitz4.17 (6 votes)1,627
Sedot Mikha - Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) siteTel Aviv, IL2006-06-17 11:05:11kjfitz2.20 (10 votes)1,197
Abandoned Egyptian Military SA-3 Missile SiteTalha, EG2005-09-18 11:13:43kjfitz6.00 (1 votes)1,094
Syrian ScudsHeleh, SY2010-10-12 08:37:55Parabellum9.00 (3 votes)687
Hawk missile siteYavne, IL2008-05-27 16:01:28kjfitz (0 votes)589
Armed SAM SitesShinshar, SY2012-01-13 08:37:36KRLUnrated527
Patriot BatteryRishon LeZion, IL2009-03-03 15:32:10kkepsUnrated500
SAM Site ConstructionDamascus, SY2012-10-05 12:43:36KRLUnrated431
Mobile Missile CarrierArqamah, SY2012-12-07 09:39:51KRLUnrated374
Armed SAM SiteZamreen, SY2012-12-05 14:51:21KRLUnrated338
Armed SAM SiteQura Al-Assad, SY2011-11-15 13:05:46KRLUnrated305
Armed SAM SiteTartus, SY2012-03-14 07:57:22KRLUnrated285
Armed SAM SiteDamascus, SY2011-11-25 13:34:51KRLUnrated275
Armed SAM SiteDamascus, SY2011-08-18 10:25:12KRLUnrated271
SA-6 "Gainful" SiteAd Dumayr, SY2013-08-23 14:10:02AlkavianUnrated243
Former SA-2 site with a supriseElnaymah, SY2013-08-08 14:44:36AlkavianUnrated228
Probable SA-6 "GAINFUL"Tal Annaqa, SY2013-08-02 15:10:56AlkavianUnrated226
SA-6 SiteAd Dumayr, SY2013-08-24 09:25:23AlkavianUnrated224
SA-6 "Gainful" SiteDael, SY2013-08-08 14:19:10AlkavianUnrated215
Pechora-2MTartus, SY2013-08-27 09:39:47AlkavianUnrated213
SA-8 Deployment AreaAl Qutayfah, SY2013-08-25 15:13:26AlkavianUnrated213
SA-5 on a trailerHoms, SY2013-08-02 14:55:27AlkavianUnrated207
Armed SAM SiteAs' Saboura, SY2011-11-18 13:38:27KRLUnrated203
SA-2 SiteIzraa, SY2013-08-08 15:08:49AlkavianUnrated202
Anti-ship Missile Launcher?Baniyas, SY2013-08-26 13:47:15AlkavianUnrated191
SA-8 Deployment Area (Probable)Ad Dumayr, SY2013-08-24 09:29:57AlkavianUnrated184
Armed SAM SiteAl Qnayyah, SY2013-02-05 12:37:40KRLUnrated181
SA-2 SiteGaryiah West, SY2013-08-08 14:27:48AlkavianUnrated180
SA-3 SiteTartus, SY2013-08-27 09:23:14AlkavianUnrated180
SA-3 SiteHoms, SY2013-08-19 12:26:38AlkavianUnrated180
SA-2 SiteBaniyas, SY2013-08-27 10:07:17AlkavianUnrated180
SA-3 SiteJableh, SY2013-08-27 10:12:51AlkavianUnrated174
SA-2 SiteDamascus, SY2013-08-22 07:13:17AlkavianUnrated159
Armed SAM SiteTiyas, SY2015-11-18 07:33:02KRLUnrated159
SA-8 deployment areaQura Al-Assad, SY2013-08-26 08:19:55AlkavianUnrated158
SA-3 SiteShinshar, SY2013-08-23 14:36:54AlkavianUnrated158
SA-8 Deployment Area - ProbableDamascus, SY2013-08-26 10:36:10AlkavianUnrated153
Armed SAM SiteTiyas, SY2015-11-19 08:00:00KRLUnrated153
SA-2 Site converted to SA-3Damascus, SY2013-08-22 07:17:39AlkavianUnrated152
Armed SAM SiteTiyas, SY2015-11-18 07:38:52KRLUnrated152
Armed SAM SiteAl Ghizlaniyah, SY2017-05-03 10:38:01KRLUnrated90
Irianian Missile Base in Syria (Under Construction)Baniyas, SY2017-08-16 11:43:39jdubble07Unrated68
Armed SAM SiteTiyas, SY2018-02-12 11:54:21KRLUnrated24