"Here's lookin at you!" scavenger hunt starts Wed Jun 18 noon EST

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Monday, Jun 16 2008 by

Scavenger Hunt Coming Soon

In celebration of Google Street View’s 1-year anniversary and the 37 new cities they’ve just released Street View images of, we will be starting a new scavenger hunt (Street View focused) on Wed Jun 18 at noon EST.

The scavenger hunt will last two weeks and there will be $100 in cash prizes (Amazon.com gift certificates) for the winners.

Stay tuned!

May 2008 Top Map Submitters

adrbr, a new member this year, took the monthly top-submitter lead from long-time submitter and moderator kjfitz. adrbr is submitting a wide variety of cool maps. Welcome to the community! Thanks to everyone else who is submitting maps too. We’re nearing 50,000!

  1. adrbr – 239 maps
  2. kjfitz – 235 maps
  3. tlp333 – 217 maps
  4. neotrix – 211 maps
  5. Rene73 – 140 maps

Most Popular Maps

The most popular map on the site of all time (Bill Gate’s house) is joined by this month’s most popular map of his house in France, which is also nearby one of Paul Allen’s villas:

Lily Safra's House (Villa La Leopolda) (Birds Eye)
Lily Safra's House (Villa La Leopolda)
Paul Allen's "Villa Maryland" (Birds Eye)
Paul Allen's "Villa Maryland"
David Archuleta's House (Birds Eye)
David Archuleta's House
Bill & Hillary Clinton's house (Birds Eye)
Bill & Hillary Clinton's house
Chaiten Volcano Eruption - 6 May, 2008 (Google Maps)
Chaiten Volcano Eruption - 6 May, 2008