Military Wednesday – Stealth Ships

Sea Shadow (IX-529) is an experimental stealth ship built by Lockheed for the United States Navy to determine how a low radar profile might be achieved and to test high stability hull configurations which have been used in oceanographic ships. The Hughes Mining Barge, or HMB-1, is a submersible barge. Sea Shadow was relocated with the HMB-1 to the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet in Benicia, CA in 2006.

Stealth ship & CIA barge (Google Maps)
Stealth ship & CIA barge

The M80 Stiletto is a prototype naval ship manufactured by the M Ship Company as an operational experiment for The Pentagon’s Office of Force Transformation. It was designed for combat in littoral (near shore) waters.

M80 'Stiletto' Stealth Boat (Birds Eye)
M80 'Stiletto' Stealth Boat

HMS Smyge was an experimental ship of the Swedish Navy used to test stealth technology. Experiences from the Smyge were used while planning the Visby class corvettes. Today Smyge is used for training at the Swedish Navy Academy.

HMS Smyge (Swedish stealth ship) (Birds Eye)
HMS Smyge (Swedish stealth ship)

The Visby is the latest class of corvette to be adopted by the Swedish Navy after the Göteborg and the Stockholm class corvettes. The ship’s design heavily emphasizes “low visibility” or stealth technology.

Visby class (stealth-corvette) (StreetView)
Visby class (stealth-corvette)
Visby class (stealth-corvette) (Birds Eye)
Visby class (stealth-corvette)

This new secret superboat is the latest British weapon to help fight the war on terror. The stealth boat, to be used by the Royal Marines, is thought to be capable of reaching speeds of about 70mph.

Secret Royal Marine stealth boat (Google Maps)
Secret Royal Marine stealth boat

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