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Tsar Bomba, Biggest Nuke Ever!RU2007-10-31 11:36:49jbottero6.45 (20 votes)19,131
Pearl HarborHonolulu, HI, US2005-04-24 18:57:22azppunk5.64 (44 votes)10,517
Little Big Horn - Custer's Last StandCrow Agency, MT, US2005-04-24 15:50:20bbrock815.00 (2 votes)9,336
Midway Island (Midway Atoll)Midway Island, UM2005-11-18 00:17:17AlbinoFlea8.50 (2 votes)7,432
Hiroshima ground zeroHiroshima, JP2005-08-05 18:13:31dda6.80 (5 votes)6,817
Hill 875Dak To, VN2011-11-10 11:06:22Parabellum10.00 (1 votes)4,000
Wake IslandWake Island, UM2005-11-18 00:25:35AlbinoFlea5.67 (3 votes)3,944
Semipalatinsk-16 - Russia's largets nuclear test siteSemey, KZ2005-12-08 11:58:00kjfitz1.67 (3 votes)3,853
Johnston IslandJohnston Atoll, UM2005-11-18 00:31:20AlbinoFlea4.00 (3 votes)3,629
Site of "Sham Paris"Herblay, FR2011-09-26 08:10:08skyeye10.00 (1 votes)3,086
Soldier hurling grenadeFort Jackson, SC, US2007-11-07 20:47:49Pdunn10.00 (1 votes)3,085
Arromanches D-day artificial portArromanches-les-Bains, FR2005-06-28 07:11:00scotchpenicillin4.07 (29 votes)2,948
Possible IED in BaghdadBaghdad, IQ2006-03-06 16:28:20Pdunn10.00 (1 votes)2,825
Desert One - Operation Eagle ClawDesert One, IR2010-01-20 19:55:29kjfitzUnrated2,709
GettysburgGettysburg, PA, US2005-04-22 19:34:52nic7.29 (7 votes)2,587
B-52 (with nukes) Crash SiteGoldsboro, NC, US2009-08-03 06:37:32Parabellum10.00 (1 votes)2,536
Bradley Fighting Vehicles on the move after water obstacleCamp Shelby, MS, US2007-08-22 19:06:06Pdunn1.00 (1 votes)2,481
Bridge of Remagen, TheRemagen, DE2005-07-01 15:41:26Salinga5.19 (16 votes)2,365
Bay of PigsPlaya Larga, CU2005-04-24 16:27:18thejesse5.67 (3 votes)2,292
Japanese WWII airstrip (last stand for the Japanese on Guam)Santa Rita, GU2006-06-14 17:11:52kjfitz (0 votes)2,271
Belleau Wood battlefield & memorialFR2005-07-12 10:49:29Hinkkanen1.61 (28 votes)2,191
S4 Pads?Rachel, NV, US2010-06-04 10:07:31KRLUnrated2,032
Trenches of World War 1Sommepy-Tahure, FR2011-11-27 23:42:23Dania10.00 (1 votes)1,922
Location of the Battle of The Coral Sea, May 5-12, 1942PG2005-11-12 20:39:35pdunn5.67 (6 votes)1,917
Gap In Syria/Iraq Border FenceAl Qaim, IQ2005-10-25 14:49:34pdunn7.05 (21 votes)1,889
Citadel du QuebecQuebec, CA2005-04-18 00:06:34caledon6.00 (3 votes)1,862
Black Hawk Super 6-4 crash siteMogadishu, SO2014-05-20 09:40:12tallturtle82Unrated1,803
Navy SEALs - BUD/S TrainingCoronado, CA, US2014-12-29 09:40:17tallturtle82Unrated1,795
"Lone Survivor" Pashtun village of Salar BanSalar Ban, AF2014-06-09 10:53:37tallturtle827.50 (2 votes)1,728
S.S. John Worthington WWII Tanker Wreck ReefPort Aransas, TX, US2009-03-07 07:46:23bubaonline10.00 (2 votes)1,718
Bomb Craters within Al QaimAl Qaim, IQ2005-10-25 11:48:47pdunn (0 votes)1,612
Connor Battlefield State Historic SiteRanchester, WY, US2005-11-18 20:42:46mrjonmeyers6.67 (3 votes)1,580
Boxtop 22 - Herc Crash SiteAlert, CA2012-10-19 07:56:01KRLUnrated1,495
Nagasaki ground zeroNagasaki, JP2005-08-05 18:09:41dda5.00 (2 votes)1,433
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)Stanley, FK2005-06-28 13:27:48psycho_roy6.36 (14 votes)1,335
Site of Enormous DetonationIQ2005-10-26 21:46:26pdunn10.00 (4 votes)1,312
Berlin airlift DC-4 at Tempelhof AirportBerlin, DE2006-10-03 19:30:43Gosell (0 votes)1,244
Mamayev KurganVolgograd, RU2006-06-23 05:30:30Hinkkanen10.00 (1 votes)1,195
Juno & Gold BeachArromanches-les-Bains, FR2005-06-24 14:08:13kjfitz5.86 (7 votes)1,172
Libyan Memorial to 1986 USA Bombing in TripoliTripoli, LY2006-02-13 07:49:01edv5.25 (4 votes)1,168
Jessica Lynch's Rescue MapNasiriyah, IQ2005-11-01 16:48:07killslowly4.36 (14 votes)1,152
Operation Red Flag at Nellis AFBLas Vegas, NV, US2006-05-06 18:50:12voldude12310.00 (1 votes)1,121
Military training at Lackland AFBSan Antonio, TX, US2007-07-24 10:35:38mikeb9991 (0 votes)1,073
Flight line - airshow in progressSan Antonio, TX, US2007-07-17 11:16:37kjfitz (0 votes)1,063
Military training at Camp Asaka (JGSDF)Asaka, JP2009-04-21 13:20:56adrbrUnrated1,012
Battle of the Twin Tunnels - Korean warJipyeong-ri, KR2011-01-03 08:28:17giove8.00 (1 votes)987
Signs of Heavy Traffic Through Gap In Iraq/Syria Border FenceAl Qaim, IQ2005-10-25 14:58:37pdunn6.41 (17 votes)983
"Skyblazers" F-86F Sabre(52-4959) Taxiing during air show at Kendall TamiamiKendall, FL, US2009-11-10 07:01:25Pdunn10.00 (2 votes)963
The Vampire dugoutGeluveld, BE2010-08-05 18:26:12DaniaUnrated951
Battle of DybbølDybbøl, DK2009-07-29 03:39:25DaniaUnrated946
M1A1 Abrams tanks on an exercise at Ohio Guard's Ravenna Training and Logistics Site (RTLS)Ravenna, OH, US2007-04-07 14:41:17kjfitz10.00 (1 votes)911
Secure Facillity near China's Jiuquan Launch SiteJiayuguan, CN2006-07-11 08:46:41Pdunn (0 votes)895
Glorieta National BattlefieldGlorieta, NM, US2005-08-17 00:01:42focusfree7.12 (25 votes)862
Port in Port-Au-Prince, HaitiPort au Prince, HT2006-02-10 16:02:33deverettreed6.00 (5 votes)835
Desert Paths Leading From Syria Into IraqAl Qaim, IQ2005-10-25 14:43:00pdunn6.14 (7 votes)830
Minute Man National Historical ParkConcord, MA, US2005-04-23 21:33:11tmweber2.57 (30 votes)821
Trinity SiteUS-380, NM, US2011-10-01 09:23:34daggerwellUnrated811
Tobacco Factory outside of Port-Au-Prince AirportPort au Prince, HT2006-02-10 16:06:31deverettreed (0 votes)799
Fort Reno ParkWashington, DC, US2005-07-11 13:20:07albinoflea3.26 (31 votes)782
Bushy Run BattlefieldJeannette, PA, US2005-07-14 15:43:43AlbinoFlea1.75 (4 votes)763
The Abu Musab al-Zarqawi House (which no longer exists)Al Khalis, IQ2006-06-09 11:58:39washelt27.75 (4 votes)749
Mass Grave in CroatiaDonje Biljane, HR2010-06-13 11:03:58PrisonBullUnrated744
CFB Borden Airshow 2006Borden, CA2008-02-04 16:37:13Rene735.50 (2 votes)720
The Road and Rail Bridge at NijmegenNijmegen, NL2006-05-06 15:51:26voldude123 (0 votes)713
Island of Ireland Peace ParkMesen, BE2010-09-14 07:25:42DaniaUnrated673
Battle of EylauBagrationovsk, PL2011-01-07 12:36:37gioveUnrated652
Bomb Craters In The MarshlandIQ2005-10-22 22:32:23pdunn5.36 (11 votes)644
Fallujha's Mayor's Office, Baath Party Head Quarters, and National GuardFallujah, IQ2005-09-07 21:43:53pdunn6.00 (10 votes)627
Special event at The Vietnam Unit Memorial MonumentCoronado, CA, US2011-07-14 23:03:24mlc1usUnrated608
Suspected ISIS training groundMosul, IQ2014-08-24 18:07:50nico10.00 (1 votes)608
Yorktown Surrender FieldYorktown, VA, US2010-05-30 16:54:16LancelotLinkUnrated602
Artillery Site (North Korean) after artillery attackKaemori, KP2011-01-23 11:01:18Rene73Unrated585
Battle of Mohi MemorialMuhi, HU2009-12-10 08:50:04hhgygyUnrated581
South Korean naval ships after a North Korean artillery attackYeonpyeong-ri, KR2011-01-23 11:15:40Rene7310.00 (1 votes)558
Old french military camp of SougeMartignas sur Jalle, FR2005-07-13 13:55:06cmike773.94 (18 votes)551
White Alice StationNome, AK, US2011-03-09 07:55:55KRLUnrated548
Orléans Air Show 2006Orléans, FR2008-07-06 12:41:23Rene7310.00 (1 votes)548
Lagazuoi -Cengia Martini WWIPian Falzarego, IT2010-11-04 13:23:36giove10.00 (1 votes)539
Empty Air BaseAl Watyah, LY2011-02-28 13:15:16KRLUnrated526
Very large event at Bourget AirportDugny, FR2007-08-30 11:04:12kjfitz (0 votes)514
MafekingMafeking, ZA2005-09-07 15:41:06dpegna (0 votes)512
3 Dead in Crash of Navy Jet (11 March, 2013)Harrington, WA, US2013-03-11 16:46:53jbottero8.40 (20 votes)500
Thermopylae and Statue of LeonidasKastellia, GR2014-05-14 06:09:20tallturtle8210.00 (1 votes)496
2nd. Regiment Genio Pontieri in actionPiacenza, IT2009-04-03 08:18:33giove10.00 (1 votes)485
McGuire AFB Steam PlantMcGuire AFB, NJ, US2011-03-06 07:54:03jbottero10.00 (1 votes)485
Large Radar InstallationXiapu, CN2012-10-25 13:45:50KRLUnrated463
Tank Shooting RangeNannestad, NO2010-02-12 08:21:18DaniaUnrated460
La Tablada barracks - Argentinian golpe 1989Buenos Aires, AR2010-12-15 13:11:49gioveUnrated459
Battle of Mont Sorrel (Hill 62)Zillebeke, BE2010-09-13 18:26:57Dania10.00 (1 votes)458
Bull Run Stone BridgeManassas, VA, US2010-11-10 06:45:15LancelotLinkUnrated444
Forte São MarceloSalvador, BR2009-10-13 09:00:43hhgygyUnrated436
Tredegar Iron WorksRichmond, VA, US2010-11-10 16:51:28LancelotLinkUnrated429
Berles-au-Bois WWI war cemeteryBerles-au-Bois, FR2010-01-19 09:39:15gioveUnrated426
Forte Verena - WWIAsiago, IT2010-12-25 03:43:21gioveUnrated424
Russia Fires Artillery into UkraineNovaya Nadezhda, RU2014-07-29 08:12:54KRLUnrated420
Military checkpointChichen Itza, MX2012-08-23 16:04:25Mike1989Unrated418
Rogers IslandFort Edward, NY, US2009-04-01 16:28:41skyeyeUnrated415
Nathan Hale MonumentHuntington, NY, US2012-01-12 17:34:39skyeyeUnrated407
Yeonpyeong Island after a North Korean artillery attackYeonpyeong-ri, KR2011-01-23 10:57:40Rene73Unrated398
Helicopters in Sonchon AirfieldYomju-up, KP2013-02-28 02:57:30Mike1989Unrated398