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Maps sorted by the number of stories associated with them

RankMap# Stories
1.Fox Hollow Farm5
2.'Floegel-Shetty Residence' by Finn Kappe3
3.Norris Castle2
4.'Experience Music Project' by Frank Gehry.2
5.Tuslog Detachment 4/Hippodrone Sinop Turkey2
6.Tank Hill2
7.Guard Post Collier2
8.'The Lakes Edge' by James Clover2
9.Santa Maria del Fiore1
10.Ruins of 100 year old Standard Portland Cement plant1
11.Pontoon Bridge1
12.Citizen's Bank Park1
13.Johnny Cash's House (former)1
14.Lorianne Crook's House1
15.Bobby Bare's House1
16.Pod of Wild Hippos1
17.Joe Diffie's House1
18.Kitty Wells' House1
19.David Allan Coe's House (Former)1
20.Kelly Clarkson's House (former)1
21.Lily Safra's House (Villa La Leopolda)1
22.Kid Rock's House1
23.Klippan Leather factory1
24.Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 - Nando and Roberto's rescue location1
25.Ryan's house from "Wilfred"1
26.Schapel SA-882 Flying Wing prototype1
27.Saab RF-35 Draken (S-35XD), AR-110, Royal Danish Air Force1
28.Adandoned Section of Road Near Balquhidder Railway Station1
29.Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red1
30.Tullichettle Old Parish Chuch and Graveyard1
31.Basilica Aemilia1
32.Abandoned Building1
33.Hødyssen (Neolithic Dolmen)1
34.DeLorean Motor Company1
35.P-38 on static display1
36.Conveyor belt at Black Thunder coal mine1
37.Steve "The Colonel" Cropper's House1
38.Sara Evans' House1
39.Rural Cemetery1
40.DFDS Seaways ship "Pearl Of Scandinavia"1
41.Peter Frampton's House1
42.Big Kenny's House1
43.Alec Baldwin's House1
44.M/V Century1
45.George Jones' House (former)1
46.Selena Gomez's House (Former)1
47.Derelict boats at Everett1
48."Call Me Maybe" video location1
49.Police Telephone Box (TARDIS)1
50.Colonel Vernon P. Saxon Jr. Aerospace Museum1