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1.Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH)134
2.Carney Park109
3.Ordnance area at Siegelsbach Army Depot107
4.Former NSA Naples70
5.(UFO) Unidentified Flying Orb35
6.Bam Margera's House33
7.Alien Civilization? (Effect gone now)26
8.Proto - Former NATO Allied Forces Europe Southern Europe (AFSOUTH) underground HQ25
9.Forest Haven asylum25
10.Floating man - Swim pontoon23
11.Osama Bin Laden Compound as seen on BBC23
12.Carl J. Shapiro's Home (2 Breaker's Row)22
13.Strange Sign19
14.Park Laurel Condominiums18
15.The Kardashian-Jenner House18
16.Longest runway in the world - Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport (ULY)16
17.Landlocked Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier in China16
18.North Korean anti-aircraft artillery battery16
19.Cargill Salt Ponds15
21.AA Flight 191 crash site15
22.Strange lines on a mountain15
23.Helicopters on airstrip14
24.Beverly Hillbillies Mansion14
25.Chopper close to the water14
26.Hulk of an old battleship14
27.Interesting Groove in Algerian Desert13
28."Reluctant Dragon" Boeing B-1713
29.Tatooine in Star Wars IV13
30.Airplane - SR-7113
31.Incredible motorcycle accident12
32.Brian May's House12
33.Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet12
34.Dog the Bounty Hunter's House12
35.Odd censorship12
36.Unknown platform in the Adriatic12
37.Airplane over North Korea11
38.Wayne Manor (Batman residence)11
39.Unusual secure Air Force facility11
40.Double Homicide11
41.Strange Circles11
42.Area 5111
43.Unknown Russian Jet? (Please help identify)11
44.Texas Book Depository Sniper's Nest11
45.SAAB J-35 Draken and IAI Kfir-C1 (F-21A) aggressors at NAS Mirimar10
46.8 FERRARI in luxury villa Beverly Hills10
47.Bug on the camera10
48.Unidentified Government Facility10
49.Langley Speedway10
50.Iraqi aircraft in the sand10