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RankMap# Views
1.Will Smith's House568,086
2.Michael Jordan's House340,833
3.Oprah Winfrey's House332,120
4.Lily Safra's House (Villa La Leopolda)330,932
5.Brett Favre's House328,466
6.Bam Margera's House269,824
7.Bill Gates' House265,602
8.The Kardashian-Jenner House231,467
9.Tiger Woods' House225,364
10.Jon Bon Jovi's House211,564
11.Eddie Murphy's House197,554
12.Eminem's House193,440
13.Denzel Washington's House161,757
14.Lil' Wayne's House149,735
15.Hugh Hefner's House (Playboy Mansion)149,479
16.Miley Cyrus' House146,405
17.Peyton Manning's House142,171
18.Kobe Bryant's House138,421
19.Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's House135,564
20.Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s House135,532
21.Willie Robertson's House (Duck Dynasty)128,625
22.Tsar Bomba Crater - largest nuke detonated125,982
23.Rush Limbaugh's House124,675
24.Jennifer Aniston's House (former)119,649
25.Steven Spielberg's House119,492
26.Rick Ross' House117,737
27.Neverland Ranch115,075
28.Howard Stern's House114,568
29.Lebron James' House112,475
30.Most expensive house in the world110,053
31.John Travolta & Kelly Preston's House108,509
32.Bill O'Reilly's House107,387
33.Bruce Springsteen's House106,537
34.Shaquille O'Neal's House106,471
35.Petra Ecclestone's house105,274
36.Tom Cruise's House104,993
37.Vince McMahon's house104,795
38.Quick Stop Groceries ("Clerks")99,595
39.George Strait's House99,541
40.Beyonce & Jay-Z's House (leased)99,480
41.David Letterman's House97,804
42.Eric Clapton's House (Hurtwood edge Estate)95,397
43.Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s House93,699
44.Jackson Family House92,407
45.Paris Hilton's House91,737
46.Mark Cuban's House91,573
47.Linda & Vince McMahon's house89,390
48.Neil Young's House88,910
49.Curtis Jackson's (a.k.a. 50 Cent) House88,314
50.Charlie Sheen's House86,881